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How to make: Puff Pastry (Scotch Method)

       By: Chef Jadee  

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How to make: Puff Pastry (Scotch Method) - Today were going to make Puff Pastry (Scotch Method) or we also can called Chop in Method which is the easy method. But this method may take more time to make it. So don’t waste the time, let’s do this.

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How to make: Puff Pastry (Scotch Method) - Today were going to make Puff Pastry (Scotch Method) or we also can called Chop in Method which is the easy method. But this method may take more time to make it. So don’t waste the time, let’s do this.

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For 25-35 pieces (small size), 10-15 pieces (medium size)
Cooking time : 4-6 hr.

1. 280 grams of flour
2. 1 Tsp. of salt
3. 250 grams of cold water
4. 1 Tsp. of lime juice
5. 30 grams of unsalted butter
6. 280 grams of unsalted butter

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1. Mix flour and salt together.
2. Make them like mountain and make hole at the center
3. Pour cold water and lime juice into the hold and knead all of them together.
4. Put unsalted butter and keep kneading them. (checking how done of flour by spread them. If flour can extend, that’s mean it’s okay).
5. Wrap them by plastic wrap and put into refrigerator for 30-60 minutes.
6. Roll them with rolling pin for 2-4 cm. and put unsalted butter.
7. Fold them with another half of flour.
8. Do like this for 3-5 times.
9. Wrap them with plastic wrap and put into refrigerator for 30-60 minutes
10. that fold them follow the “Half turns” method. (Fold them 2 times after we leave them for 30-60 minutes). We will do this for 3 times.
11. Roll flour for 1-2 cm.
12. Separate rolled flour for 3 parts.
** 1 First part = left
** 2 Second part = middle
** 3 Third part = right
13. Fold them for first time = 1 Half turns. Fold 1st part on 2nd part.
14. And fold 3rd part on 2nd. This is 1 loop of “Half Turns”.
15. Do like this for 2nd Half turns.
16. Wrap them and take into refrigerator for 30-60 minutes
17. Do this for 6 times of Half turns.
18. After that take them out of refrigerator and roll them for 0.5-2.0 cm.
19. Cut them with knife and take them on the tray that already spread with butter.
20. Whisk an egg and spread pie with egg.
21. Bake them at 200-220c. 15 minutes for small size.
22. After they’re done. We will leave them cool on sieve.
23. Decorate and ready to serve.
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รายการที่1-12 จาก 14

How to make: Puff Pastry (Scotch Method)

How to make: Puff Pastry (Scotch Method) - Today were going to make Puff Pastry (Scotch Method) or we also can called Chop in Method which is the easy method. But this method may take more time to make it. So don’t waste the time, let’s do this.

Ingredient of How to make: Puff Pastry (Scotch Method)

1. 280 grams of flour
2. 1 Tsp. of salt
3. 250 grams of cold water
4. 1 Tsp. of lime juice
5. 30 grams of unsalted butter
6. 280 grams of unsalted butter

How to Cook How to make: Puff Pastry (Scotch Method)

1. Mix flour and salt together.
2. Make them like mountain and make hole at the center
3. Pour cold water and lime juice into the hold and knead all of them together.
4. Put unsalted butter and keep kneading them. (checking how done of flour by spread them. If flour can extend, that’s mean it’s okay).
5. Wrap them by plastic wrap and put into refrigerator for 30-60 minutes.
6. Roll them with rolling pin for 2-4 cm. and put unsalted butter.
7. Fold them with another half of flour.
8. Do like this for 3-5 times.
9. Wrap them with plastic wrap and put into refrigerator for 30-60 minutes
10. that fold them follow the “Half turns” method. (Fold them 2 times after we leave them for 30-60 minutes). We will do this for 3 times.
11. Roll flour for 1-2 cm.
12. Separate rolled flour for 3 parts.
** 1 First part = left
** 2 Second part = middle
** 3 Third part = right
13. Fold them for first time = 1 Half turns. Fold 1st part on 2nd part.
14. And fold 3rd part on 2nd. This is 1 loop of “Half Turns”.
15. Do like this for 2nd Half turns.
16. Wrap them and take into refrigerator for 30-60 minutes
17. Do this for 6 times of Half turns.
18. After that take them out of refrigerator and roll them for 0.5-2.0 cm.
19. Cut them with knife and take them on the tray that already spread with butter.
20. Whisk an egg and spread pie with egg.
21. Bake them at 200-220 c. 15 minutes for small size.
22. After they’re done. We will leave them cool on sieve.
23. Decorate and ready to serve.
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