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Deep Fried Vegetable Humming Bird with Ground Pork (Dok Kae Bun Ju Pang Thod)

       By: Chef Naam  

Recipe Detail :

Deep Fried Vegetable Humming Bird with Ground Pork (Dok Kae Bun Ju Pang Thod) - This menu is Thai appetizer or you can eat with rice as well.  We have Vegetable Humming Bird (Dok - Kae) and minced pork to fry until golden crisp. When you eat, just dip in a red bean chili sauce.

Deep Fried Vegetable Humming Bird with Ground Pork (Dok Kae Bun Ju Pang Thod) - This menu is Thai appetizer or you can eat with rice as well.  We have Vegetable Humming Bird (Dok-Kae) and minced pork to fry until golden crisp. When you eat, just dip in a red bean chili sauce.

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Duration : 1 hour
For 2-4 person

1. 2 grams Vegetable Humming Bird (Dok-Kae)
2. Lean ground pork 2 matches.
3. Coriander root, garlic and pepper 1 Tbsp.
4. Salt 1/4 Tsp.
5. Sugar 1/4 Tsp.

Coating flour
6. 1 cup Flour
7. Coconut milk 1/2 cup
8. Eggs 1 cup

Sauces - chili beans paste
9. 5 Shallots 
10. 4 Cloves garlic
11. 1/2 Large dried chili 
12. Red beans (pounded or blended into powder) 3 tbsp.
13. 1 Yellow or Red chilli (Pounded or finely chopped)
14. 5-6 Bird chilies (lightly pounded)
15. 1 Tbsp. Kaffir juice
16. 2 Tbsp. Palm sugar
17. Tamarind juice 2 Tbsp.
18. Fish sauce 1 Tbsp.
19. Salt 1/2 Tsp.

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1. Coating flour - Put duck egg in coconut milk and mix together.  Gradually pour rice flour to mix to combine. Then put your finger to check. You can add more with water or the flour. 
2. Put minced pork in a mixing bowl. Mix with pounded ingredient (coriander root, garlic and pepper). Then season with salt and sugar. Put in a flower container BH County dough fried in oil until golden and crisp dip into the oil drain plate.
3. Sauce – Put dried chili, salt and pound together in a mortar. Add shallots, garlic, red bean flour, add tamarind juice, fish sauce, Kaffir juice, palm sugar and stir well to combine. Put in container and sprinkle pounded chili. Serve with vegetable Humming Bird.
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Deep Fried Vegetable Humming Bird with Ground Pork (Dok Kae Bun Ju Pang Thod)

Deep Fried Vegetable Humming Bird with Ground Pork (Dok Kae Bun Ju Pang Thod) - This menu is Thai appetizer or you can eat with rice as well. We have Vegetable Humming Bird (Dok-Kae) and minced pork to fry until golden crisp. When you eat, just dip in a red bean chili sauce.

Ingredient of Deep Fried Vegetable Humming Bird with Ground Pork (Dok Kae Bun Ju Pang Thod)

1. 2 grams Vegetable Humming Bird (Dok-Kae)
2. Lean ground pork 2 matches.
3. Coriander root, garlic and pepper 1 Tbsp.
4. Salt 1/4 Tsp.
5. Sugar 1/4 Tsp.

Coating flour

6. 1 cup Flour
7. Coconut milk 1/2 cup
8. Eggs 1 cup

Sauces - chili beans paste

9. 5 Shallots
10. 4 Cloves garlic
11. 1/2 Large dried chili
12. Red beans (pounded or blended into powder) 3 tbsp.
13. 1 Yellow or Red chilli (Pounded or finely chopped)
14. 5-6 Bird chilies (lightly pounded)
15. 1 Tbsp. Kaffir juice
16. 2 Tbsp. Palm sugar
17. Tamarind juice 2 Tbsp.
18. Fish sauce 1 Tbsp.
19. Salt 1/2 Tsp.

How to Cook Deep Fried Vegetable Humming Bird with Ground Pork (Dok Kae Bun Ju Pang Thod)

1. Coating flour - Put duck egg in coconut milk and mix together. Gradually pour rice flour to mix to combine. Then put your finger to check. You can add more with water or the flour.
2. Put minced pork in a mixing bowl. Mix with pounded ingredient (coriander root, garlic and pepper). Then season with salt and sugar. Put in a flower container BH County dough fried in oil until golden and crisp dip into the oil drain plate.
3. Sauce – Put dried chili, salt and pound together in a mortar. Add shallots, garlic, red bean flour, add tamarind juice, fish sauce, Kaffir juice, palm sugar and stir well to combine. Put in container and sprinkle pounded chili. Serve with vegetable Humming Bird.
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