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Jelly Fruits Salad Pudding (Tao Huay Fruit Salad)

       By: Chef Naam  

Recipe Detail :

Jelly Fruits Salad Pudding (Tao Huay Fruit Salad) - Jelly Fruits Salad Pudding is most found in Chinese restaurant. Fresh milk soft pudding with homemade fruits salad that you can choose only fruits you like.

Jelly Fruits Salad Pudding (Tao Huay Fruit Salad) - Jelly Fruits Salad Pudding is most found in Chinese restaurant. Fresh milk soft pudding with homemade fruits salad that you can choose only fruits you like.

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Cooking time : 2 hours (include set to cool)
For 8-10 cups

1. 2 1/2 Tsp. Jelly powder
2. 2 1/2 cups of Fresh milk
3. 1 1/2 cups of Water
4. 1/2 cups of Sugar
5. 1 Tsp. Vanilla or Almond extract

Fruits Salad
6. 1 cup of Sugar
7. 1 Cup of Water
8. 1/2 cup of 3-4 kinds of Fruit
1. Put jelly powder, water into the pot. Stir until dissolve. Boil over low heat and keep stirring about 10 minutes. When boil,add sugar and fresh milk down.
2. Put sugar, water and simmer until change to syrup. Add fruit salad and wait to boil. Turn off the stove and set aside to cool in a bowl.
3. Add pudding and top with fruit salad from the refrigerator. You can add fresh milk or evaporated milk as you like.

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Jelly Fruits Salad Pudding (Tao Huay Fruit Salad)

Jelly Fruits Salad Pudding (Tao Huay Fruit Salad) - Jelly Fruits Salad Pudding is most found in Chinese restaurant. Fresh milk soft pudding with homemade fruits salad that you can choose only fruits you like.

Ingredient of Jelly Fruits Salad Pudding (Tao Huay Fruit Salad)


1. 2 1/2 Tsp. Jelly powder
2. 2 1/2 cups of Fresh milk
3. 1 1/2 cups of Water
4. 1/2 cups of Sugar
5. 1 Tsp. Vanilla or Almond extract

Fruits Salad

6. 1 cup of Sugar
7. 1 Cup of Water
8. 1/2 cup of 3-4 kinds of Fruit

How to Cook Jelly Fruits Salad Pudding (Tao Huay Fruit Salad)

1. Put jelly powder, water into the pot. Stir until dissolve. Boil over low heat and keep stirring about 10 minutes. When boil,add sugar and fresh milk down.
2. Put sugar, water and simmer until change to syrup. Add fruit salad and wait to boil. Turn off the stove and set aside to cool in a bowl.
3. Add pudding and top with fruit salad from the refrigerator. You can add fresh milk or evaporated milk as you like.

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