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Thai Pudding with Coconut topping (Ta-Go Sago Sai Haew) 

       By: Chef Mai  

Recipe Detail :

Thai Pudding with Coconut topping (Ta - Go Sago Sai Haew)  - Ta - Go is a real traditional Thai dessert. This is a stirred kind dessert which made of flour, sugar, coconut milk and other ingredients. We use rice flour stirred with sugar to make "Ta - Go". Then put chestnuts or corns, and drops with the coconut milk.

Thai Pudding with Coconut topping (Ta - Go Sago Sai Haew)  - Ta-Go is a real traditional Thai dessert. This is a stirred kind dessert which made of flour, sugar, coconut milk and other ingredients. We use rice flour stirred with sugar to make "Ta - Go". Then put chestnuts or corns, and drops with the coconut milk.
1. Vegetables salad
2  sliced of sweet pepper
3. Cherry tomatoes
4. Black olive
5. Feta cheese (dice)
6. Crouton
7. French Vinaigrette 
1. Roll French vinaigrette with vegetables salad then dry out the salad and do not let's them too wet.
2. Slice black olive and cherry tomatoes and put them into salad.
3. Season salad with Feta cheese and Crouton for the last (this will not lost the taste of salad) and ready to serve.

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Thai Pudding with Coconut topping (Ta - Go Sago Sai Haew)

Thai Pudding with Coconut topping (Ta-Go Sago Sai Haew) - Ta-Go is a real traditional Thai dessert. This is a stirred kind dessert which made of flour, sugar, coconut milk and other ingredients. We use rice flour stirred with sugar to make "Ta-Go". Then put chestnuts or corns, and drops with the coconut milk.
Ingredient of Thai Pudding with Coconut topping (Ta-Go Sago Sai Haew)
1. Vegetables salad
sliced of sweet pepper
3. Cherry tomatoes
4. Black olive
5. Feta cheese (dice)
6. Crouton
7. French Vinaigrette

How to Cook Thai Pudding with Coconut topping (Ta-Go Sago Sai Haew)
1. Roll French vinaigrette with vegetables salad then dry out the salad and do not lets them too wet.
Slice black olive and cherry tomatoes and put them into salad.
Season salad with Feta cheese and Crouton for the last (this will not lost the taste of salad) and ready to serve.


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