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Thai-style peanut-sesame brittle  (Tua-Tad)

       By: Chef Naam  

Recipe Detail :

Thai - style peanut - sesame brittle  (Tua-Tad) - Top 5 popular Chinese desserts menu. Tua-Tad has square piece, coated with nuts and caramel. With good smell of roasted sesame seed.

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Thai-style peanut-sesame brittle  (Tua-Tad) - Top 5 popular Chinese desserts menu. Tua-Tad has square piece, coated with nuts and caramel. With good smell of roasted sesame seed.

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Duration:  1 hour
For 20 For 15 pieces (depending on the size of the cut)

1. Peanuts 500 grams
2. White sesame (roasted) 1/4 cup
3. Palm sugar 250 grams
4. Water 1/2 cup
5. Bae-Sae (Glucose syrup) 1/2 cup

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1. Roast peanut over low heat in a pan until golden and crisp. Crush shell and seperate nut into 2 parts.
2. Add palm sugar, water, glucose syrup over low heat until melted together. Stir until sugar begins sticky. Add sesame, peanuts and keep stirring. Then put on a tray and spread thinly. Set aside to cool and cut into pieces. (Cut into bars or squares piece) Keep in a container.
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Thai-style peanut-sesame brittle (Tua-Tad)

Thai-style peanut-sesame brittle (Tua-Tad) - Top 5 popular Chinese desserts menu. Tua-Tad has square piece, coated with nuts and caramel. With good smell of roasted sesame seed.

Ingredient of Thai-style peanut-sesame brittle (Tua-Tad)

1. Peanuts 500 grams
2. White sesame (roasted) 1/4 cup
3. Palm sugar 250 grams
4. Water 1/2 cup
5. Bae-Sae (Glucose syrup) 1/2 cup

How to Cook Thai-style peanut-sesame brittle (Tua-Tad)

1. Roast peanut over low heat in a pan until golden and crisp. Crush shell and seperate nut into 2 parts.
2. Add palm sugar, water, glucose syrup over low heat until melted together. Stir until sugar begins sticky. Add sesame, peanuts and keep stirring. Then put on a tray and spread thinly. Set aside to cool and cut into pieces. (Cut into bars or squares piece) Keep in a container.

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