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Choco Banana Icecream (Ice Cream Gluay Hom Chocolate)

       By: Chef Jadee  

Recipe Detail :

Choco Banana Icecream - Choco Banana Icecream is a combination of fresh banana and ice cream. Forming a small banana and coat with chocolate. Chocolate lover shouldn’t miss to try.

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Choco Banana Icecream - Choco Banana Icecream is a combination of fresh banana and ice cream. Forming a small banana and coat with chocolate. Chocolate lover shouldn’t miss to try.

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Ingredients for: 15-20 pieces
Duration : 2 hours

1. 100 grams Vanilla ice cream
2. 100 grams Banana
3. 50 grams Salted butter
4. 30 grams Fresh milk
5. 150 grams Chocolate
1. Start mashing banana.
2. Melt salted butter and mixed with fresh banana, fresh milk and stir well together.
3. Put in vanilla ice cream. Mix to combine.
4. Put in a froid mold that you’ve already prepared.
5. Put in the freezer.
6. Then bring out to stab with skewers.
7. Set aside in the freezer until cold.
8. Gradually coat with the chocolate.
9. Pull out all of toothpick before serving.
10. Decorate before serving.

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รายการที่1-10 จาก 10
รายการที่1-10 จาก 10

Choco Banana Icecream (Ice Cream Gluay Hom Chocolate)

Choco Banana Icecream (Ice Cream Gluay Hom Chocolate) - Choco Banana Icecream is a combination of fresh banana and ice cream. Forming a small banana and coat with chocolate. Chocolate lover shouldn’t miss to try.

Ingredient of Choco Banana Icecream (Ice Cream Gluay Hom Chocolate)

1. 100 grams Vanilla ice cream
2. 100 grams Banana
3. 50 grams Salted butter
4. 30 grams Fresh milk
5. 150 grams Chocolate

How to Cook Choco Banana Icecream (Ice Cream Gluay Hom Chocolate)

1. Start mashing banana.
2. Melt salted butter and mixed with fresh banana, fresh milk and stir well together.
3. Put in vanilla ice cream. Mix to combine.
4. Put in a froid mold that you’ve already prepared.
5. Put in the freezer.
6. Then bring out to stab with skewers.
7. Set aside in the freezer until cold.
8. Gradually coat with the chocolate.
9. Pull out all of toothpick before serving.
10. Decorate before serving.
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