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Thai Style Fried Noodle (Pad Thai J) 

       By: Chef Nok  

Recipe Detail :

Thai Style Fried Noodle (Pad Thai J) - Pad Thai is fully equipped with a full flavor. It tastes sour, sweet, salty and spicy. Sweetness comes from palm sugar and tamarind juice gives a sour taste.  Chive is held to be 1 of the 5 vegetables on J - festival that you cannot eat. So we have to avoid bringing to cook in this festival.

Thai Style Fried Noodle (Pad Thai J) - Pad Thai is fully equipped with a full flavor. It tastes sour, sweet, salty and spicy. Sweetness comes from palm sugar and tamarind juice gives a sour taste.  Chive is held to be1 of the 5 vegetables on J-festival that you cannot eat. So we have to avoid bringing to cook in this festival.

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For 1 person
Duration : 20 minutes

1. Pad Thai noodles 200 grams
2. Sweet radish 3 Tbsp.
3. 3 Tbsp. Kaset Protein (soaked in water)
4. 3 Tbsp. Vegetable oil
5. 3 Tbsp. Tamarind juice
6. Palm sugar 3 Tbsp.
7. 2 Tbsp. Water
8.  Chili powder 2 Tsp.
9.  J Chili sauce 2 Tbsp.
10. Soy sauce 2 Tsp.
11. Bean sprouts

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1. Make Pad Thai sauce by mixing palm sugar with tamarind juice, grounded chili, chili sauce and water. 
2. Heat vegetable oil in a pan.
3. Stir-fry sweet radish.
4. Add Kaset protein.
5. Put noodle down. Season with Pad Thai sauce and soy sauce.
6. Fry until all over cooked and soft.
7. Then fry bean sprouts.
8. Ready to serve.
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Thai Style Fried Noodle (Pad Thai J)

Thai Style Fried Noodle (Pad Thai J) - Pad Thai is fully equipped with a full flavor. It tastes sour, sweet, salty and spicy. Sweetness comes from palm sugar and tamarind juice gives a sour taste. Chive is held to be1 of the 5 vegetables on J-festival that you cannot eat. So we have to avoid bringing to cook in this festival.

Ingredient of Thai Style Fried Noodle (Pad Thai J)

1. Pad Thai noodles 200 grams
2. Sweet radish 3 Tbsp.
3. 3 Tbsp. Kaset Protein (soaked in water)
4. 3 Tbsp. Vegetable oil
5. 3 Tbsp. Tamarind juice
6. Palm sugar 3 Tbsp.
7. 2 Tbsp. Water
8. Chili powder 2 Tsp.
9. J Chili sauce 2 Tbsp.
10. Soy sauce 2 Tsp.
11. Bean sprouts

How to Cook Thai Style Fried Noodle (Pad Thai J)

1. Make Pad Thai sauce by mixing palm sugar with tamarind juice, grounded chili, chili sauce and water.
2. Heat vegetable oil in a pan.
3. Stir-fry sweet radish.
4. Add Kaset protein.
5. Put noodle down. Season with Pad Thai sauce and soy sauce.
6. Fry until all over cooked and soft.
7. Then fry bean sprouts.
8. Ready to serve.
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