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Shanghai Suki (Vegan) (Suki Shiang Hai Pad Hang J)

       By: Chef Pat  

Recipe Detail :

Shanghai Suki (Vegan) (Suki Shiang Hai Pad Hang J) - Main course that fulfill your energy follow by the Chinese way. For the one who love to eat vegetables and give you lots of vitamins A, B and C too.

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Shanghai Suki (Vegan) (Suki Shiang Hai Pad Hang J) - Main course that fulfill your energy follow by the Chinese way. For the one who love to eat vegetables and give you lots of vitamins A, B and C too.

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For 2-3 person
Cooking time : 15 minutes for prepare ingredients , 15 minutes for cook

1. 2 cups of Shanghai noodle
2. Chinese morning glory
3. Chinese Cabbage
4. 3 young corn
5. 1 celery
6. 1 Jew’s ear
7. 1 Tsp. of white sesame
8. 1 pickled bean curd
9. 2 Tsp. of lime juice
10. 1 Tsp. of sesame oil
11. 1 Tsp. of sugar
1. Warm the pan after that put sesame oil in and fry jew’s ear with young corn.
2. Put noodle , cabbage , morning glory , jew’s ear in and keep frying them together. Add some water if too dried.
3. Add pickled bean curd in.
4. Seasoning with lime juice and sugar.
5. white sesame in and fry them together. After that seasoning sesame on the top and ready to serve.

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รายการที่1-11 จาก 11

Shanghai Suki (Vegan) (Suki Shiang Hai Pad Hang J)

Shanghai Suki (Vegan) (Suki Shiang Hai Pad Hang J) - Main course that fulfill your energy follow by the Chinese way. For the one who love to eat vegetables and give you lots of vitamins A, B and C too.

Ingredient of Shanghai Suki (Vegan) (Suki Shiang Hai Pad Hang J)

1. 2 cups of Shanghai noodle
2. Chinese morning glory
3. Chinese Cabbage
4. 3 young corn
5. 1 celery
6. 1 Jew’s ear
7. 1 Tsp. of white sesame
8. 1 pickled bean curd
9. 2 Tsp. of lime juice
10. 1 Tsp. of sesame oil
11. 1 Tsp. of sugar

How to Cook Shanghai Suki (Vegan) (Suki Shiang Hai Pad Hang J)

1. Warm the pan after that put sesame oil in and fry jew’s ear with young corn.
2. Put noodle , cabbage , morning glory , jew’s ear in and keep frying them together. Add some water if too dried.
3. Add pickled bean curd in.
4. Seasoning with lime juice and sugar.
5. white sesame in and fry them together. After that seasoning sesame on the top and ready to serve.

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