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Dango - Dango is a traditional Japanese sweet dumpling. It’s sweet, salty, chewy with good smell from tofu.

Dango - Dango is a traditional Japanese sweet dumpling. It’s sweet, salty, chewy with good smell from tofu.

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For 7-10 person
Duration : 1 Hour

1. Tofu 200 grams
2. 140 grams Glutinous rice flour
3. 80 grams Rice flour
4. Carrots 20 grams
5. Spinach 20 grams
6. 4 Tbsp. Japanese soy sauce
7.  4 Tbsp. Mirin 
8. 4 Tbsp. Sugar
9. 2 Tbsp. Corn flour
10. 5 Tbsp. Water
11. 20 grams Sesame
12. 50 grams Sugar
13. 50 grams Brown sugar

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1. Grate carrot and squeeze the water for orange color.
2. Blanch spinach until cooked. And soak in cold water.
3. Pound, chopped or cut spinach until finely.
4. Start making Dungo dough by kneading tofu.
5. Mix rice flour and sticky flour. Pour in tofu, but do not pour it all. 
6. Knead until dough and tofu until well combined.
7. Divide dough into 3 parts for 3 colors.
8. Add carrot juice in the dough. Knead until well combined (you can add more flour).
9. Put spinach in a dough.  Knead until well combined (you can add more flour).
10. When complete 3 colors (white, orange, green), Wrap with plastic wrap.
11. Mold into a ball in the size you want. 
12. Boil water and gradually add the dough in the water.
13. When the dough cook and rise up, pot into cold water.
14. Put the skewer on the water for easier stabbing.
15. Stab 3 pieces/ skewer by alternate the colors.
16. Start making the sauce by mixing soy sauce, mirin, sugar, corn flour, and water together.
17. Pour into the pan, simmer until sticky.
18. Dip Dango in the sauce thoroughly.
19. Start making sugar for coating Dango by mixing sugar, black sesame and brown sugar. Mix until combined.
20. Coat Dungo with sugar.
21. Ready to serve.

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รายการที่1-12 จาก 12
รายการที่1-12 จาก 12


Dango - Dango is a traditional Japanese sweet dumpling. It’s sweet, salty, chewy with good smell from tofu.

Ingredient of Dango

1. Tofu 200 grams
2. 140 grams Glutinous rice flour
3. 80 grams Rice flour
4. Carrots 20 grams
5. Spinach 20 grams
6. 4 Tbsp. Japanese soy sauce
7. 4 Tbsp. Mirin
8. 4 Tbsp. Sugar
9. 2 Tbsp. Corn flour
10. 5 Tbsp. Water
11. 20 grams Sesame
12. 50 grams Sugar
13. 50 grams Brown sugar

How to Cook Dango

1. Grate carrot and squeeze the water for orange color.
2. Blanch spinach until cooked. And soak in cold water.
3. Pound, chopped or cut spinach until finely.
4. Start making Dungo dough by kneading tofu.
5. Mix rice flour and sticky flour. Pour in tofu, but do not pour it all.
6. Knead until dough and tofu until well combined.
7. Divide dough into 3 parts for 3 colors.
8. Add carrot juice in the dough. Knead until well combined (you can add more flour).
9. Put spinach in a dough. Knead until well combined (you can add more flour).
10. When complete 3 colors (white, orange, green), Wrap with plastic wrap.
11. Mold into a ball in the size you want.
12. Boil water and gradually add the dough in the water.
13. When the dough cook and rise up, pot into cold water.
14. Put the skewer on the water for easier stabbing.
15. Stab 3 pieces/ skewer by alternate the colors.
16. Start making the sauce by mixing soy sauce, mirin, sugar, corn flour, and water together.
17. Pour into the pan, simmer until sticky.
18. Dip Dango in the sauce thoroughly.
19. Start making sugar for coating Dango by mixing sugar, black sesame and brown sugar. Mix until combined.
20. Coat Dungo with sugar.
21. Ready to serve.
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