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Japanese Crape (Crape Yee Pun)

       By: Chef Jadee  

Recipe Detail :

Japanese Crape (Crape Yee Pun) - Lunch snacks are very popular in Japan. I have both sweet and savory. Very simple and very delicious. Equipment and ingredients are not hard to find. Or do I have children in the party.

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Japanese Crape (Crape Yee Pun) - Lunch snacks are very popular in Japan. I have both sweet and savory. Very simple and very delicious. Equipment and ingredients are not hard to find. Or do I have children in the party.

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For 15 pieces
Cooking time : 1 hour

1. 70 grams  Salted butter 
2. 300 ml. fresh milk 
3. 3 Eggs
4. 80 grams Purpose flour 
5. 50 grams Sugar 
6. 400 ml. Whipping cream 
7. Fruits and Chocolate (optional)

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1. Add salted butter and pour milk into the pot.  Wait until boiling.
2. Set aside at room temperature.
3. Eggs, pour into mixing bowl. I hit the ball.
4. Put sugar and beat well to combine.
5. Pour boiled milk-butter down. 
6. Finally, add all purpose flour and beat until well combined.
7. A saucepan and heat over medium heat.
8. Buttered paper and wipe with a purpose.
9. Scoop flour crepe mixture into the pan. Pan and roll the dough into a thin sheet over the pan.
10. Cooked out on the grill or on paper.
11. Bring a Japanese crepe batter into the whipped cream. Or filling of your choice.
12. Fold and roll the ground up. And wrapped in paper. The final tune to taste.
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Japanese Crape (Crape Yee Pun)

Japanese Crape (Crape Yee Pun) - Lunch snacks are very popular in Japan. I have both sweet and savory. Very simple and very delicious. Equipment and ingredients are not hard to find. Or do I have children in the party.

Ingredient of Japanese Crape (Crape Yee Pun)

1. 70 grams Salted butter
2. 300 ml. fresh milk
3. 3 Eggs
4. 80 grams Purpose flour
5. 50 grams Sugar
6. 400 ml. Whipping cream
7. Fruits and Chocolate (optional)

How to Cook Japanese Crape (Crape Yee Pun)

1. Add salted butter and pour milk into the pot. Wait until boiling.
2. Set aside at room temperature.
3. Eggs, pour into mixing bowl. I hit the ball.
4. Put sugar and beat well to combine.
5. Pour boiled milk-butter down.
6. Finally, add all purpose flour and beat until well combined.
7. A saucepan and heat over medium heat.
8. Buttered paper and wipe with a purpose.
9. Scoop flour crepe mixture into the pan. Pan and roll the dough into a thin sheet over the pan.
10. Cooked out on the grill or on paper.
11. Bring a Japanese crepe batter into the whipped cream. Or filling of your choice.
12. Fold and roll the ground up. And wrapped in paper. The final tune to taste.

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