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Family Hot Pot - (Suki Mor Ron-Suki Nam)

       By: Chef Nok  

Recipe Detail :

Family Hot Pot - (Suki Mor Ron - Suki Nam) - Fennel seed is sweet and spicy spice. It can reduce the fishy smell of pork bone and used for adding the flavor to the soup as well. Fennel seeds can be bought from most supermarkets.

Family Hot Pot - (Suki Mor Ron - Suki Nam) - Fennel seed is sweet and spicy spice. It can reduce the fishy smell of pork bone and used for adding the flavor to the soup as well. Fennel seeds can be bought from most supermarkets.
1. Mushrooms 
2. Vegetables as you like (except spring onion, garlic, xxx)
3. Tofu 
4. Vermicelli
5. Meat 
6. Shrimp ball 

7. 300 grams Pork bone
8. 1 head Radish
9. 2.5 liters of Water (for making soup)
10. 3 Coriander roots 
11. 3 cloves Chinese Garlic
12. 1 pickled garlic 
13. 2 Tsp.  Grounded salt
14. 1 Tbsp. Fennel seed

15. 2 Tbsp. Instant syrup
16. 2 Tsp. Grounded salt 
17. 3/4 cup Chili sauce
18. 3 Tbsp. Vinegar
19. 10 cloves Chinese garlic
20. 2 cloves Pickled garlic
21. 2 Tbsp. Pickled garlic
22. 4 Coriander roots
23. 2 Tbsp. Sesame oil
24. Chopped coriander 
25. Roasted white sesame

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1. Prepare vegetables and meat.
2.  Make soup - by boil water with pork bones, shredded radish , coriander root, pickled garlic, pounded garlic about 1-2 hour over medium-low heat.
3. During boiling, spoon the bubble and fat out. 
4. After finish boiling, season with salt and fennel seed to add flavor to the soup.
5. Make sukiyaki hot pot sauce. Mix all ingredients together (except chopped coriander and white sesame seeds in a blended bowl)
6. Blend everything together thoroughly. Add roasted white sesame and coriander.
7. Serve hot soup in the pot with the vegetables and meat that prepare with mushroom, fish ball, tofu and sauce.
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รายการที่1-11 จาก 11

Family Hot Pot - (Suki Mor Ron-Suki Nam)

Family Hot Pot - (Suki Mor Ron-Suki Nam) - Fennel seed is sweet and spicy spice. It can reduce the fishy smell of pork bone and used for adding the flavor to the soup as well. Fennel seeds can be bought from most supermarkets.

Ingredient of Family Hot Pot - (Suki Mor Ron-Suki Nam)

1. Mushrooms
2. Vegetables as you like (except spring onion, garlic, chinese leek)
3. Tofu
4. Vermicelli
5. Meat
6. Shrimp ball


7. 300 grams Pork bone
8. 1 head Radish
9. 2.5 liters of Water (for making soup)
10. 3 Coriander roots
11. 3 cloves Chinese Garlic
12. 1 pickled garlic
13. 2 Tsp. Grounded salt
14. 1 Tbsp. Fennel seed


15. 2 Tbsp. Instant syrup
16. 2 Tsp. Grounded salt
17. 3/4 cup Chili sauce
18. 3 Tbsp. Vinegar
19. 10 cloves Chinese garlic
20. 2 cloves Pickled garlic
21. 2 Tbsp. Pickled garlic
22. 4 Coriander roots
23. 2 Tbsp. Sesame oil
24. Chopped coriander
25. Roasted white sesame

How to Cook Family Hot Pot - (Suki Mor Ron-Suki Nam)

1. Prepare vegetables and meat.
2. Make soup - by boil water with pork bones, shredded radish , coriander root, pickled garlic, pounded garlic about 1-2 hour over medium-low heat.
3. During boiling, spoon the bubble and fat out.
4. After finish boiling, season with salt and fennel seed to add flavor to the soup.
5. Make sukiyaki hot pot sauce. Mix all ingredients together (except chopped coriander and white sesame seeds in a blended bowl)
6. Blend everything together thoroughly. Add roasted white sesame and coriander.
7. Serve hot soup in the pot with the vegetables and meat that prepare with mushroom, fish ball, tofu and sauce.
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