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Tamarind Sherbet (Sherbet Ma Nao Prik Gluer)

       By: Chef Ao  

Recipe Detail :

Tamarind Sherbet (Sherbet Ma Nao Prik Gluer) - I just back from Nam Nao National Park (Petchabun). So I have sweet tamarind. And I got the idea to make ‘Tamarind sherbet’. Sherbet is different from sorbet, Sherbet is a frozen dessert containing 1 - 2% milk or eggs. But sorbet is non - fat ice - cream.

Tamarind Sherbet (Sherbet Ma Nao Prik Gluer) - I just back from Nam Nao National Park (Petchabun). So I have sweet tamarind. And I got the idea to make ‘Tamarind sherbet’. Sherbet is different from sorbet, Sherbet is a frozen dessert containing 1-2% milk or eggs. But sorbet is non-fat ice-cream.
Serve : 5-6 Scoops
Time : 6-8 hour

1. 100 grams Sweet tamarind
2. 75 grams Tamarind juice
3. 1/2 measuring cup of Sugar
4. 2 Tbsp. Glucose
5. 1/2 Tsp. Salt-garlic & pepper
6. 1 Egg (use only white egg)
7. 2 cups of Water

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1. Mix sugar, glucose, salt-garlic & pepper and white egg together.
2. Mix tamarind juice and water just a little in the pot over medium heat.
3. Add sugar mixture into the pot (with tamarind juice inside) over low heat. Keep stirring until hot.
4. Remove from the stove. Add remaining water, tamarind and blend together until smooth.
5. Keep in a box, close the lid and freeze. Stir every 1 hour until ice-cream set and smooth.
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Tamarind Sherbet (Sherbet Ma Nao Prik Gluer)

Tamarind Sherbet (Sherbet Ma Nao Prik Gluer) - I just back from Nam Nao National Park (Petchabun). So I have sweet tamarind. And I got the idea to make ‘Tamarind sherbet’. Sherbet is different from sorbet, Sherbet is a frozen dessert containing 1-2% milk or eggs. But sorbet is non-fat ice-cream.

Ingredient of Tamarind Sherbet (Sherbet Ma Nao Prik Gluer)

1. 100 grams Sweet tamarind
2. 75 grams Tamarind juice
3. 1/2 measuring cup of Sugar
4. 2 Tbsp. Glucose
5. 1/2 Tsp. Salt-garlic & pepper
6. 1 Egg (use only white egg)
7. 2 cups of Water

How to Cook Tamarind Sherbet (Sherbet Ma Nao Prik Gluer)

1. Mix sugar, glucose, salt-garlic & pepper and white egg together.
2. Mix tamarind juice and water just a little in the pot over medium heat.
3. Add sugar mixture into the pot (with tamarind juice inside) over low heat. Keep stirring until hot.
4. Remove from the stove. Add remaining water, tamarind and blend together until smooth.
5. Keep in a box, close the lid and freeze. Stir every 1 hour until ice-cream set and smooth.
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