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Red Wine Sauce  (Sauce Lao Dang)

       By: Chef Pu  

Recipe Detail :

Red Wine Sauce  (Sauce Lao Dang) - This is not a very thick sauce. Today I will use this sauce as dipping sauce and simmer with stewed meat as well. The sauce will well - absorbed into the meat and the taste will come out mellow and delicious.

Red Wine Sauce  (Sauce Lao Dang) - This is not a very thick sauce. Today I will use this sauce as dipping sauce and simmer with stewed meat as well. The sauce will well-absorbed into the meat and the taste will come out mellow and delicious.

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Cooking time: 30 minutes

1. 240 grams Tomato sauce
2. 40 grams seasoning sauce
3. 30 grams Chinese vinegar sauce
4. 100 grams Sugar
5. 40 grams Honey
6. 50 grams Chili sauce
7. 30 grams Sesame oil
8. 2 Tbsp. Corn oil
9. 3-4 Red goat pepper
10. 1 Onion
11. 5-8 Shallot
12. 5-10 clove Garlic
13. 3-5 smashed coriander root
14. Food coloring (orange)

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1.  Warm the pan, add oil and fry all vegetable down. Add 2 Tbsp. water over low heat. Spoon bubble and oil out from a pan.
2. When the water dry out 80%, add seasoning down (except honey and sesame oil) Simmer until sauce thick.
3. Sift the sauce and simmer over heat.
4. Wait until sauce thick just right and turn off the stove. Add honey, sesame oil and stir to combine. If you want more red color, you can add food coloring (mixed with water) down. 

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รายการที่1-7 จาก 7
รายการที่1-7 จาก 7

Red Wine Sauce (Sauce Lao Dang)

Red Wine Sauce (Sauce Lao Dang) - This is not a very thick sauce. Today I will use this sauce as dipping sauce and simmer with stewed meat as well. The sauce will well-absorbed into the meat and the taste will come out mellow and delicious.

Ingredient of Red Wine Sauce (Sauce Lao Dang)

1. 240 grams Tomato sauce
2. 40 grams seasoning sauce
3. 30 grams Chinese vinegar sauce
4. 100 grams Sugar
5. 40 grams Honey
6. 50 grams Chili sauce
7. 30 grams Sesame oil
8. 2 Tbsp. Corn oil
9. 3-4 Red goat pepper
10. 1 Onion
11. 5-8 Shallot
12. 5-10 clove Garlic
13. 3-5 smashed coriander root
14. Food coloring (orange)

How to Cook Red Wine Sauce (Sauce Lao Dang)

1. Warm the pan, add oil and fry all vegetable down. Add 2 Tbsp. water over low heat. Spoon bubble and oil out from a pan.
2. When the water dry out 80%, add seasoning down (except honey and sesame oil) Simmer until sauce thick.
3. Sift the sauce and simmer over heat.
4. Wait until sauce thick just right and turn off the stove. Add honey, sesame oil and stir to combine. If you want more red color, you can add food coloring (mixed with water) down. 

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