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Pudding - Caramel custard 

       By: Chef Jadee  

Recipe Detail :

Pudding - Caramel custard - Caramel Custard cake that looks like Thai steamed egg. Delicious appetizer for light meal. Not much ingredient and suitable for family on holiday ^ ^

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Pudding - Caramel custard - Caramel Custard cake that looks like Thai steamed egg. Delicious appetizer for light meal. Not much ingredient and suitable for family on holiday ^ ^

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For 4 cups
Cooking time: 1 hour

1. 50 grams sugar
2. 15 ml. Water
3. 30-50 ml. Hot water
4. 2 Eggs
5. 250 ml. Fresh milk
6. 40 grams Sugar
7. 1/2 Vanilla extract

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1. Buttered cup.
2. Add caramel, water and sugar into the pot.
3. Heat until sugar thick and change to caramel.
4. Turn off gas and remove from stove.
5. Add warm water in a pot.
6. Mix all until well combined.
7. Add caramel into a buttered cup.
8. Add pudding, milk and sugar until dissolve.
9. Gradually pour milk in egg and mix together.
10. Sift the mixture.
11. Gradually add in a cup or mold.
12. Wrap with foil.
13. Place dessert in a cup before put into the pot or pan with water and then boil the water (not overflowing out of dessert).
14. Heat 15-30 minutes depending on the size of the cup pudding.
15. When cooked, let it cool, and then remove from a cup. 

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รายการที่1-12 จาก 12

Pudding - Caramel custard

Pudding - Caramel custard - Caramel Custard cake that looks like Thai steamed egg. Delicious appetizer for light meal. Not much ingredient and suitable for family on holiday ^ ^

Ingredient of Pudding - Caramel custard

1. 50 grams sugar
2. 15 ml. Water
3. 30-50 ml. Hot water
4. 2 Eggs
5. 250 ml. Fresh milk
6. 40 grams Sugar
7. 1/2 Vanilla extract

How to Cook Pudding - Caramel custard

1. Buttered cup.
2. Add caramel, water and sugar into the pot.
3. Heat until sugar thick and change to caramel.
4. Turn off gas and remove from stove.
5. Add warm water in a pot.
6. Mix all until well combined.
7. Add caramel into a buttered cup.
8. Add pudding, milk and sugar until dissolve.
9. Gradually pour milk in egg and mix together.
10. Sift the mixture.
11. Gradually add in a cup or mold.
12. Wrap with foil.
13. Place dessert in a cup before put into the pot or pan with water and then boil the water (not overflowing out of dessert).
14. Heat 15-30 minutes depending on the size of the cup pudding.
15. When cooked, let it cool, and then remove from a cup. 
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