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Popcorn Ball

       By: Chef Nan  

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Popcorn Ball - Popcorn Ball is fresh popcorn mixed with caramel.  Let’s enjoy mellow sweetness of popcorn! Today we make sweet popcorn ball which look really cute and appetizing.

Popcorn Ball - Popcorn Ball is fresh popcorn mixed with caramel.  Let’s enjoy mellow sweetness of popcorn! Today we make sweet popcorn ball which look really cute and appetizing.

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For 8-10 balls
Cooking time: 40 minutes

1. 150 grams Corn
2. 200 grams Sugar
3. 1/3 cup of Water
4. 1 Tsp. Grounded salt
5. 1/4 cup of Butter
6. Caramel

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1. Add corn and butter in a microwave. Put into the oven until cooked thoroughly.
2. Add sugar in a pan and wait until melt. Then stir until thick and change to caramel. Turn off the stove.
3. Add popcorn in a mixing bowl. Then add caramel until coat popcorn thoroughly.
4. Paint oil on your hand. Mold popcorn into a ball and put the skewer.
5. Set in the refrigerator 10-15 minutes.
6. Decorate with chocolate, sugar, peanuts and sesame. Then wrapped or tied as a lovely gift .
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Popcorn Ball

Popcorn Ball - Popcorn Ball is fresh popcorn mixed with caramel. Let’s enjoy mellow sweetness of popcorn! Today we make sweet popcorn ball which look really cute and appetizing.

Ingredient of Popcorn Ball

1. 150 grams Corn
2. 200 grams Sugar
3. 1/3 cup of Water
4. 1 Tsp. Grounded salt
5. 1/4 cup of Butter
6. Caramel

How to Cook Popcorn Ball

1. Add corn and butter in a microwave. Put into the oven until cooked thoroughly.
2. Add sugar in a pan and wait until melt. Then stir until thick and change to caramel. Turn off the stove.
3. Add popcorn in a mixing bowl. Then add caramel until coat popcorn thoroughly.
4. Paint oil on your hand. Mold popcorn into a ball and put the skewer.
5. Set in the refrigerator 10-15 minutes.
6. Decorate with chocolate, sugar, peanuts and sesame. Then wrapped or tied as a lovely gift .
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