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Reindeer Mocha Cupcake (Christmas Desserts)

       By: Chef Jadee  

Recipe Detail :

Reindeer Mocha Cupcake (Christmas Desserts) - Reindeer Mocha Cupcake is lovely cupcake for this Christmas. Children will love this cupcake and it is not difficult to make at all.

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Reindeer Mocha Cupcake (Christmas Desserts) - Reindeer Mocha Cupcake is lovely cupcake for this Christmas. Children will love this cupcake and it is not difficult to make at all.
For 6 persons
Cooking time 45 minutes

1. 1 Mocca cake recipe (for 6  Cupcakes)
2. 75 ml. Fresh milk
3. 1 1/2 Tbsp. Cocoa powder
4. 1/2 Tbsp. Coffee powder
5. 140 grams Sugar
6. 200 grams Salted butter
7. Chocolate chip / White chocolate chip
8. 50 grams Gumpaste
1 . Make mocha cream for decorating cupcakes. By adding cocoa powder, coffee, sugar and fresh milk. Mix well until dissolved . 
2. Beat butter until creamy and fluffy.
3.  Mix the first mixture with the butter.
4. Beat by a whisk again until combined.
5. Add mocca cream in a cupcake. And wipe as shaped you like.
6 . Topped with gum paste and mold ears and eye as needed.
7 . Put pretzels  on both left and right. 
8. Serve and decorate as you like.
รายการที่1-12 จาก 12
รายการที่1-12 จาก 12

Reindeer Mocha Cupcake (Christmas Desserts)

Reindeer Mocha Cupcake (Christmas Desserts) - Reindeer Mocha Cupcake is lovely cupcake for this Christmas. Children will love this cupcake and it is not difficult to make at all.

Ingredient of Reindeer Mocha Cupcake (Christmas Desserts)

1. 1 Mocca cake recipe (for 6 Cupcakes)
2. 75 ml. Fresh milk
3. 1 1/2 Tbsp. Cocoa powder
4. 1/2 Tbsp. Coffee powder
5. 140 grams Sugar
6. 200 grams Salted butter
7. Chocolate chip / White chocolate chip
8. 50 grams Gumpaste

How to Cook Reindeer Mocha Cupcake (Christmas Desserts)

1 . Make mocha cream for decorating cupcakes. By adding cocoa powder, coffee, sugar and fresh milk. Mix well until dissolved .
2. Beat butter until creamy and fluffy.
3. Mix the first mixture with the butter.
4. Beat by a whisk again until combined.
5. Add mocca cream in a cupcake. And wipe as shaped you like.
6 . Topped with gum paste and mold ears and eye as needed.
7 . Put pretzels on both left and right.
8. Serve and decorate as you like.
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