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 Black Fettucini Tom Yum Seafood (Fettucini Muek Dum Tom Yum Talay Phad Hang)

       By: Chef Pong  

Recipe Detail :

Black Fettucini Tom Yum Seafood (Fettucini Muek Dum Tom Yum Talay Phad Hang) - Fettucini Tom Yum Seafood is a Thai fusion recipe which so tasty and have a great looking too. It can be a special meal with your family.

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Black Fettucini Tom Yum Seafood (Fettucini Muek Dum Tom Yum Talay Phad Hang) - Fettucini Tom Yum Seafood is a Thai fusion recipe which so tasty and have a great looking too. It can be a special meal with your family.

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1. Black Fettucini
2. Chopped Galanga
3. Chopped Lemongrass 
4. Kaffir Lime Leaves
5. 250 ml. Milk 250 ml.
6. 5 Tbsp. Roast Chili 
7. 1 Tbsp. Oyster Sauce
8. 1 Tbsp. Fish Sauce
9. Tiger Shrimp
10. Mussel
1. Boil Fettucini in high heat water, add salt and olive oil, boil for 7 minutes. Then filter it out, mix with olive oil. Set aside.
2. Mix milk and roast chili. Season with oyster sauce and fish sauce.
3. Fry shrimp, mussel, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lemon grass. Pour spicy soup(finished mixed) , add Fettucini and well mixed. Then put on the dish.
4. Sprinkled with Kaffir Lime Leaves. Ready to eat.
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รายการที่1-12 จาก 16

 Black Fettucini Tom Yum Seafood (Fettucini Muek Dum Tom Yum Talay Phad Hang)

 Black Fettucini Tom Yum Seafood (Fettucini Muek Dum Tom Yum Talay Phad Hang) - Fettucini Tom Yum Seafood is a Thai fusion recipe which so tasty and have a great looking too. It can be a special meal with your family.

Ingredient of Black Fettucini Tom Yum Seafood (Fettucini Muek Dum Tom Yum Talay Phad Hang)

1. Black Fettucini
2. Chopped Galanga
3. Chopped Lemongrass
4. Kaffir Lime Leaves
5. 250 ml. Milk 250 ml.
6. 5 Tbsp. Roast Chili
7. 1 Tbsp. Oyster Sauce
8. 1 Tbsp. Fish Sauce
9. Tiger Shrimp
10. Mussel

How to Cook  Black Fettucini Tom Yum Seafood (Fettucini Muek Dum Tom Yum Talay Phad Hang)

1. Boil Fettucini in high heat water, add salt and olive oil, boil for 7 minutes. Then filter it out, mix with olive oil. Set aside.
2. Mix milk and roast chili. Season with oyster sauce and fish sauce.
3. Fry shrimp, mussel, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lemon grass. Pour spicy soup(finished mixed) , add Fettucini and well mixed. Then put on the dish.
4. Sprinkled with Kaffir Lime Leaves. Ready to eat.
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