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Valentine Pop-Rice

       By: Chef Noon  

Recipe Detail :

Valentine Pop - Rice - Valentine Pop - Rice is an easy dessert that anyone can do. It’s very easy to make. Just mix puffed rice with marshmallow. And if you love cooking dessert, you can try this ‘Valentine Pop-Rice’ on this valentine.

Valentine Pop - Rice - Valentine Pop - Rice is an easy dessert that anyone can do. It’s very easy to make. Just mix puffed rice with marshmallow. And if you love cooking dessert, you can try this ‘Valentine Pop-Rice’ on this valentine.
For 20 pieces
Cooking time:  30 minutes

1. 120 grams Puffed rice
2. 150 grams Marshmallow
3. 20 grams Butter
4. 100 grams White chocolate
5. Food coloring (Pink)
1. Melt Marshmallow and butter in the pot over low heat until dissolve.
2. Add the mixture into puffed rice.
3. Mix puffed rice with marshmallow.
4. Put into the oven. Place pastry paper on top and press on the baking tray.
5. Set to cool for 10 minutes.
6. Take out from the tray and place in a small cup. Then mix with pink color.
7. Melt white chocolate. Add in a small bowl. Add pink food coloring.
8. Dip puffed rice in white chocolate just only half. Set aside.
9. Then decollate with pink coloring.
10. Decorate with a toothpick to make an arrow.

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Valentine Pop-Rice

Valentine Pop-Rice - Valentine Pop-Rice is an easy dessert that anyone can do. It’s very easy to make. Just mix puffed rice with marshmallow. And if you love cooking dessert, you can try this ‘Valentine Pop-Rice’ on this valentine.

Ingredient of Valentine Pop-Rice

1. 120 grams Puffed rice
2. 150 grams Marshmallow
3. 20 grams Butter
4. 100 grams White chocolate
5. Food coloring (Pink)

How to Cook Valentine Pop-Rice

1. Melt Marshmallow and butter in the pot over low heat until dissolve.
2. Add the mixture into puffed rice.
3. Mix puffed rice with marshmallow.
4. Put into the oven. Place pastry paper on top and press on the baking tray.
5. Set to cool for 10 minutes.
6. Take out from the tray and place in a small cup. Then mix with pink color.
7. Melt white chocolate. Add in a small bowl. Add pink food coloring.
8. Dip puffed rice in white chocolate just only half. Set aside.
9. Then decollate with pink coloring.
10. Decorate with a toothpick to make an arrow.

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