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Mango Jelly (Jelly Ma Muang)

       By: Chef Nan  

Recipe Detail :

Mango Jelly (Jelly Ma Muang) - Mango Jelly is a delicious fruit dessert menu that you can make easily. With sweet of mango juice and mango pulp in the jelly.

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Mango Jelly (Jelly Ma Muang) - Mango Jelly is a delicious fruit dessert menu that you can make easily. With sweet of mango juice and mango pulp in the jelly.
Serve : 6-8 small cups
Cooking time: 10 minutes

1. 500 grams Mango juice
2. 1 grams Lime juice
3. 50 grams Sugar
4. 4 sheets Gelatin
5. 1/2 Mango (diced)

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1. Bring sheets gelatin, soaked in cold water to soften. 
2. Leading mango juice and sugar I put a pot and heat to medium heat. Insert the soft gelatin into it. Stir together melted remove from heat. 
3 Put water into the radiator, mango, lemon, stir well. Put the diced mango jelly containers need to wait for it to set, followed by mango juice. Then the fridge Wait until the jelly sets. Decorate with diced ripe mango served cold.

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Mango Jelly (Jelly Ma Muang)

Mango Jelly (Jelly Ma Muang) - Mango Jelly is a delicious fruit dessert menu that you can make easily. With sweet of mango juice and mango pulp in the jelly.

Ingredient of Mango Jelly (Jelly Ma Muang)

1. 500 grams Mango juice
2. 1 grams Lime juice
3. 50 grams Sugar
4. 4 sheets Gelatin
5. 1/2 Mango (diced)

How to Cook Mango Jelly (Jelly Ma Muang)

1. Bring sheets gelatin, soaked in cold water to soften.
2. Leading mango juice and sugar I put a pot and heat to medium heat. Insert the soft gelatin into it. Stir together melted remove from heat.
3 Put water into the radiator, mango, lemon, stir well. Put the diced mango jelly containers need to wait for it to set, followed by mango juice. Then the fridge Wait until the jelly sets. Decorate with diced ripe mango served cold.

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