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Chocolate Mint Macaron

       By: Chef Bow  

Recipe Detail :

Chocolate Mint Macaron - We recommend you to try this simply Macaron recipe. With intense flavors of chocolate mint filling. And full flavor of bitter taste of dark chocolate that goes very well together with cool and refreshing of mint flavor!

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Chocolate Mint Macaron - We recommend you to try this simply Macaron recipe. With intense flavors of chocolate mint filling. And full flavor of bitter taste of dark chocolate that goes very well together with cool and refreshing of mint flavor!
Serve: 15-20 pieces
Cooking time: 120 minutes

1. 110 grams Grounded almond
2. 90 grams Icing sugar
3. 75 grams White egg
4. 40 grams Sugar
5. Food coloring (Mint green)

Chocolate Mint Filling
1. 200 grams Dark chocolate
2. 100 grams Whipping Cream
3. 1/4 Tsp. Green mint extract

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1. Crush almond with icing sugar. And bake at 90 ? C about 10-15 minutes, then let cool. 
2. Sift the mixture for more smooth texture. And set aside.
3. Beat white egg (room temperature) using medium speed until fluffy.
4. Gradually add all of sugar. 
5. Add food coloring and beat until the meringue looks stiff. 
6. Mix the flour with meringue and set aside (3 times) in the same direction. Stir until the mixture looks like lava and immediately stop (Not stir too long or heavy handed). The shell will take longer time for setting before baking than usual. Unless shape of the lid will be flat, and the leg will be too short.
7. Put the mixture to a piping bag. 
8. Squeeze the mixture on the baking paper (about 3 centimeters).
9. Tap every tray on the table. Then set aside for about 1 hour (air conditioner) about 1.30 hour in room temperature. (You can turn on a fan to make it dry faster).
10. After 1 hour, you can check by touch your finger on the surface of Macaron).
11. Bake at 150 ? C about 10 - 13 minutes (depending on size of the oven). 
12. When the shell cooked (it will not be moved). Let it cool before remove Macaron from the tray.

Chocolate Mint Flling
1. Heat whipping cream over low heat until boiling.
2. Add mint in dark chocolate and stir until dissolve.
3. Set until cool. Then add chocolate mint.
4. Put in a piping bag.
5. Squeeze chocolate mint on the Macaron shell. And combine with another piece.
6. Ready to serve with tea or hot coffee. (Or keep the sealed container. Then chill for 5-8 hours before eating).

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Chocolate Mint Macaron

Chocolate Mint Macaron - We recommend you to try this simply Macaron recipe. With intense flavors of chocolate mint filling. And full flavor of bitter taste of dark chocolate that goes very well together with cool and refreshing of mint flavor!

Ingredient of Chocolate Mint Macaron

1. 110 grams Grounded almond
2. 90 grams Icing sugar
3. 75 grams White egg
4. 40 grams Sugar
5. Food coloring (Mint green)

Chocolate Mint Filling
1. 200 grams Dark chocolate
2. 100 grams Whipping Cream
3. 1/4 Tsp. Green mint extract

How to Cook Chocolate Mint Macaron

1. Crush almond with icing sugar. And bake at 90 ? C about 10-15 minutes, then let cool.
2. Sift the mixture for more smooth texture. And set aside.
3. Beat white egg (room temperature) using medium speed until fluffy.
4. Gradually add all of sugar.
5. Add food coloring and beat until the meringue looks stiff.
6. Mix the flour with meringue and set aside (3 times) in the same direction. Stir until the mixture looks like lava and immediately stop (Not stir too long or heavy handed). The shell will take longer time for setting before baking than usual. Unless shape of the lid will be flat, and the leg will be too short.
7. Put the mixture to a piping bag.
8. Squeeze the mixture on the baking paper (about 3 centimeters).
9. Tap every tray on the table. Then set aside for about 1 hour (air conditioner) about 1.30 hour in room temperature. (You can turn on a fan to make it dry faster).
10. After 1 hour, you can check by touch your finger on the surface of Macaron).
11. Bake at 150 ? C about 10 - 13 minutes (depending on size of the oven).
12. When the shell cooked (it will not be moved). Let it cool before remove Macaron from the tray.

Chocolate Mint Flling
1. Heat whipping cream over low heat until boiling.
2. Add mint in dark chocolate and stir until dissolve.
3. Set until cool. Then add chocolate mint.
4. Put in a piping bag.
5. Squeeze chocolate mint on the Macaron shell. And combine with another piece.
6. Ready to serve with tea or hot coffee. (Or keep the sealed container. Then chill for 5-8 hours before eating).
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