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Stuffed Squid with Crispy Garlic (Pla Muek Yud Sai Tod Gra Tium)

       By: Chef Lek  

Recipe Detail :

Stuffed Squid with Crispy Garlic (Pla Muek Yud Sai Tod Gra Tium) - Stuffed Squid with Crispy Garlic is a delicious menu for both children and adult. Fresh squid stuffed with minced pork,  then fry until golden and crispy. Sprinkle with crispy garlic. Just eat with rice for a delicious.

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Stuffed Squid with Crispy Garlic (Pla Muek Yud Sai Tod Gra Tium) - Stuffed Squid with Crispy Garlic is a delicious menu for both children and adult. Fresh squid stuffed with minced pork,  then fry until golden and crispy. Sprinkle with crispy garlic. Just eat with rice for a delicious.
1. 3 Squids (weight 200 g.)
2. 100 g. Minced Pork
3. 1 Chives
4. Coriander Root 
5. 3 Tbsp. Small Garlic Cloves 
6.1/2 Tsp. Pepper
7. 1/2 Tsp Sugar
8. 2 Tsp. Oyster Sauce
9. 2 Tsp. Fish Sauce
10. 1/2 Tsp Salt
11. 1 Liter Palm Oil

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1.  Smashed and chop garlic. Separate out 1 tbs. and finely chop.
2. Chop coriander root, spring onion and set aside. 
3. Bring chopped ingredients to marinate with minced pork, and spices that is fish sauce, sugar, oyster sauce and pepper.
4. Put marinated minced pork stuffed into the squid. Cover the octopus with a knife.
5.  Mix chopped garlic with salt and set aside. 
6. Heat oil and fry squid until cooked. Drain dry.
7. Fry garlic that already marinated with salt until golden and crispy.
8. Served by sprinkle garlic on the squid. Finished.

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Stuffed Squid with Crispy Garlic (Pla Muek Yud Sai Tod Gra Tium)

Stuffed Squid with Crispy Garlic (Pla Muek Yud Sai Tod Gra Tium) - Stuffed Squid with Crispy Garlic is a delicious menu for both children and adult. Fresh squid stuffed with minced pork, then fry until golden and crispy. Sprinkle with crispy garlic. Just eat with rice for a delicious.

Ingredient of Stuffed Squid with Crispy Garlic (Pla Muek Yud Sai Tod Gra Tium)

1. 3 Squids (weight 200 g.)
2. 100 g. Minced Pork
3. 1 Chives
4. Coriander Root
5. 3 Tbsp. Small Garlic Cloves
6.1/2 Tsp. Pepper
7. 1/2 Tsp Sugar
8. 2 Tsp. Oyster Sauce
9. 2 Tsp. Fish Sauce
10. 1/2 Tsp Salt
11. 1 Liter Palm Oil

How to Cook Stuffed Squid with Crispy Garlic (Pla Muek Yud Sai Tod Gra Tium)

1. Smashed and chop garlic. Separate out 1 tbs. and finely chop.
2. Chop coriander root, spring onion and set aside.
3. Bring chopped ingredients to marinate with minced pork, and spices that is fish sauce, sugar, oyster sauce and pepper.
4. Put marinated minced pork stuffed into the squid. Cover the octopus with a knife.
5. Mix chopped garlic with salt and set aside.
6. Heat oil and fry squid until cooked. Drain dry.
7. Fry garlic that already marinated with salt until golden and crispy.
8. Served by sprinkle garlic on the squid. Finished.
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