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Lod Chong in Coconut Milk Thai Lod Chong

       By: Chef Lek  

Recipe Detail :

Lod Chong in Coconut Milk Thai Lod Chong  - One more delicious Thai dessert which delicious and not difficult to make.

Lod Chong in Coconut Milk Thai Lod Chong  - One more delicious Thai dessert which delicious and not difficult to make.
Coconut milk

1. 250 grams palm sugar
2. 1 Tsp. Salt
3. 800 ml. Coconut Milk
4. 1 scented candle

Lod Chong

5. 130 grams Rice Flour
6. 80 grams Arrowroot Fiour
7. 30 grams Green Beans Flour
8. 400 ml. Lime Water
9. 600 ml. Pandan Juice 10 pandan leaves blended with 600 ml water, filtered only water

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1. Mix coconut milk, salted, palm sugar with low heat. When milk starts to boil, turn off the gas and set aside to cool.
2. Mix rice flour, แป้งท้าว, green bean flour. Knead until combine well with lime water. When the dough dissolve well, add pandan juice into it. Stir with low heat for about 30 minutes until the dough begins to mature and stickier. Put in a mold with cold water.
3. smoke coconut milk with scented candle for 10 minutes . Serve by top with coconut milk and ice.

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รายการที่1-4 จาก 4

Lod Chong in Coconut Milk Thai Lod Chong

Lod Chong in Coconut Milk Thai Lod Chong - One more delicious Thai dessert which delicious and not difficult to make.

Ingredient of Lod Chong in Coconut Milk Thai Lod Chong

Coconut milk

1. 250 grams palm sugar
2. 1 Tsp. Salt
3. 800 ml. Coconut Milk
4. 1 scented candle

Lod Chong

5. 130 grams Rice Flour
6. 80 grams Arrowroot Fiour
7. 30 grams Green Beans Flour
8. 400 ml. Lime Water
9. 600 ml. Pandan Juice 10 pandan leaves blended with 600 ml water, filtered only water

How to Cook Lod Chong in Coconut Milk Thai Lod Chong

1. Mix coconut milk, salted, palm sugar with low heat. When milk starts to boil, turn off the gas and set aside to cool.
2. Mix rice flour, arrowroot flour, green bean flour. Knead until combine well with lime water. When the dough dissolve well, add pandan juice into it. Stir with low heat for about 30 minutes until the dough begins to mature and stickier. Put in a mold with cold water.
3. smoke coconut milk with scented candle for 10 minutes . Serve by top with coconut milk and ice.
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