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How to Steamed Sticky Rice

       By: Chef Lek  

Recipe Detail :

How to Steamed Sticky Rice - Sticky Rice is the main food of the Northeast. They always use hand for enjoy soft sticky rice.

How to Steamed Sticky Rice - Sticky Rice is the main food of the Northeast. They always use hand for enjoy soft sticky rice.

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1. 1 Kg. Old Sticky Rice (soaked in water to flood the rice for 1 night).
2. Water

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1. Steam water in steaming pot until boiling.
2. Lay steaming pot with white cloth. Then pour the water out of the rice.
3. Pour rice into the steaming pot that u place with white cloth. Cover and steam until done about 20 minutes.
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How to Steamed Sticky Rice

How to Steamed Sticky Rice - Sticky Rice is the main food of the Northeast. They always use hand for enjoy soft sticky rice.

Ingredient of How to Steamed Sticky Rice

1. 1 Kg. Old Sticky Rice (soaked in water to flood the rice for 1 night).
2. Water

How to Cook How to Steamed Sticky Rice

1. Steam water in steaming pot until boiling.
2. Lay steaming pot with white cloth. Then pour the water out of the rice.
3. Pour rice into the steaming pot that u place with white cloth. Cover and steam until done about 20 minutes.

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