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Paella - This is Spain Fried Rice. It’s not popular in Thailand but we can cook this so easy. More tasty and more yummy.

Paella - This is Spain Fried Rice. It’s not popular in Thailand but we can cook this so easy. More tasty and more yummy.

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1. 2 cups of Jasmine rice
2. Any seafood kinds
3. 2 stock gravy
4. 1 cup of chopped tomato
5. 2 pounded garlic
6. thyme
7. 1/2 chopped onion
8. 1/2 cup of green bean
9. sliced Red bell sweet pepper
10. lemon
11. Saffron

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1. Roast all seafood and leave them cool.
2. Fry onion and rice then put the garlic , tomato into that pan and fry them together. Seasoning with salt and pepper and put the stock gravy and saffron in to the pan. After that put all mixture into the steamer.
3. Fry green bean with butter then leave them cool. After that roast Red bell sweet pepper.
4. Wait until the rice done so serve rice with roasted seafood and lemon. Dressing with red bell and green bean.

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รายการที่1-4 จาก 4


Paella - This is Spain Fried Rice. It’s not popular in Thailand but we can cook this so easy. More tasty and more yummy.

Ingredient of Paella

1. 2 cups of Jasmine rice
2. Any seafood kinds
3. 2 stock gravy
4. 1 cup of chopped tomato
5. 2 pounded garlic
6. thyme
7. 1/2 chopped onion
8. 1/2 cup of green bean
9. sliced Red bell sweet pepper
10. lemon
11. Saffron

How to Cook Paella

1. Roast all seafood and leave them cool.
2. Fry onion and rice then put the garlic , tomato into that pan and fry them together. Seasoning with salt and pepper and put the stock gravy and saffron in to the pan. After that put all mixture into the steamer.
3. Fry green bean with butter then leave them cool. After that roast Red bell sweet pepper.
4. Wait until the rice done so serve rice with roasted seafood and lemon. Dressing with red bell and green bean.
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