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Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls (Por Pia Sod Yuan)

       By: Chef Naam  

Recipe Detail :

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls (Por Pia Sod Yuan) - If you like Vietnamese restaurant, you will know this menu well, Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls. Just eat with sweet and sour spring rolls sauce, and with side dish vegetables. It’s delicious and healthy!

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Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls (Por Pia Sod Yuan) - If you like Vietnamese restaurant, you will know this menu well, Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls. Just eat with sweet and sour spring rolls sauce, and with side dish vegetables. It’s delicious and healthy!

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1. 6 sheets Tea leaves Vietnam (sprinkle with water until soft)
2. 1 stick (small) White Pork Sausage (cut into pieces thinly)
3. 6 Boiled shrimp (cut in half)
4. 1 bundle Sweet basil (picked)
5. 1 bundle Mint leaves (picked)
6. 1 bundle Lettuce (picked, cut the stem out)
7. 6-12 Parsley leaves
8. 1/2 cup Chopped Carrot

9. Vinegar 1/4 cup
10. sugar 1/4 cup
11. Salt 1/2 Tsp.
12. Water 2 Tbsp.
13. Red chillies (pounded) 1 Tbsp.
14. Garlic (pounded) 1 Tbsp.
15. Carrot (shredded) 1/4 cup
16. Radish (shredded) 1/4 cup

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1. Pour vinegar, sugar, salt and water into the pot (not sticky). Add red goat pepper, pounded garlic, carrot, and radish. Turn off the gas and set aside.
2. Place Miang Yuan leaves on a tray (sprinkle water to make it soft). Add lettuce, celery, basil leaves, mint leaves, long coriander, carrots, (rice noodles) white pork sausage, shrimp and then wrapped tightly.

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รายการที่1-9 จาก 9

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls (Por Pia Sod Yuan)

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls (Por Pia Sod Yuan) - If you like Vietnamese restaurant, you will know this menu well, Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls. Just eat with sweet and sour spring rolls sauce, and with side dish vegetables. It’s delicious and healthy!

Ingredient of Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls (Por Pia Sod Yuan)

1. 6 sheets Tea leaves Vietnam (sprinkle with water until soft)
2. 1 stick (small) White Pork Sausage (cut into pieces thinly)
3. 6 Boiled shrimp (cut in half)
4. 1 bundle Sweet basil (picked)
5. 1 bundle Mint leaves (picked)
6. 1 bundle Lettuce (picked, cut the stem out)
7. 6-12 Parsley leaves
8. 1/2 cup Chopped Carrot


9. Vinegar 1/4 cup
10. sugar 1/4 cup
11. Salt 1/2 Tsp.
12. Water 2 Tbsp.
13. Red chillies (pounded) 1 Tbsp.
14. Garlic (pounded) 1 Tbsp.
15. Carrot (shredded) 1/4 cup
16. Radish (shredded) 1/4 cup

How to Cook Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls (Por Pia Sod Yuan)

1. Pour vinegar, sugar, salt and water into the pot (not sticky). Add red goat pepper, pounded garlic, carrot, and radish. Turn off the gas and set aside.
2. Place Miang Yuan leaves on a tray (sprinkle water to make it soft). Add lettuce, celery, basil leaves, mint leaves, long coriander, carrots, (rice noodles) white pork sausage, shrimp and then wrapped tightly.

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