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       By: Chef Jadee  

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Marshmallows - The meaning of Marshmallows is the herb the use for sore throat. But for now it is very hard it found and change to be the dessert that made by Gelatin and Sugar

Marshmallows - The meaning of Marshmallows is the herb the use for sore throat. But for now it is very hard it found and change to be the dessert that made by Gelatin and Sugar

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1. 20 grams of Gelatin
2. 1 cup of Cold Water
3. 1/3 cup of corn syrup
4. 1/2 cup of Water
5. 1/2 cup of Icing
6. 1 cup of Cornstarch
7. 1 cup of Sugar
1. Put the 1 cup of cold water into the mixer
2. Put Gelatin into the mixer
3. Put Corn Syrup , Water , Sugar into the pot and heat it about 240c.
4. Then put the mixture into the mixer and stir it. (use the slow speed)
5.Speed up the mixer to the maximum speed in 15 minutes
6. Cut the stencil paper and paint the butter on the both sides. After that put the mixture on the paper and use another piece of paper on the mixture
7. Freeze them about 4 hours or until the mixture setting up.
8. Wait until the mixture done and cut the mixture to seperate them.
9. Pound them with the icing and put them into the refrigerator.

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รายการที่1-5 จาก 5


Marshmallows - The meaning of Marshmallows is the herb the use for sore throat. But for now it is very hard it found and change to be the dessert that made by Gelatin and Sugar

Ingredient of Marshmallows

1. 20 grams of Gelatin
2. 1 cup of Cold Water
3. 1/3 cup of corn syrup
4. 1/2 cup of Water
5. 1/2 cup of Icing
6. 1 cup of Cornstarch
7. 1 cup of Sugar

How to Cook Marshmallows

1. Put the 1 cup of cold water into the mixer
2. Put Gelatin into the mixer
3. Put Corn Syrup , Water , Sugar into the pot and heat it about 240c
4. Then put the mixture into the mixer and stir it. (use the slow speed)
5.Speed up the mixer to the maximum speed in 15 minutes
6. Cut the stencil paper and paint the butter on the both sides. After that put the mixture on the paper and use another piece of paper on the mixture
7. Freeze them about 4 hours or until the mixture setting up.
8. Wait until the mixture done and cut the mixture to seperate them.
9. Pound them with the icing and put them into the refrigerator.

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