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Red Glutinous Rice with Fried Grated Coconut

       By: Chef Naam  

Recipe Detail :

Red Glutinous Rice with Fried Grated Coconut - Red glutinous rice is another Thai sweet dessert that mixing between black glutinous rice and white glutinous rice.  Eat together with fried grated coconut.

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Red Glutinous Rice with Fried Grated Coconut - Red glutinous rice is another Thai sweet dessert that mixing between black glutinous rice and white glutinous rice.  Eat together with fried grated coconut.

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Red Glutinous Rice (Black + White Glutinous Rice) 

Fried Coconut
1. Teun Tuek Coconut (grated) 2 cups
2. Palm Sugar 1 cup (300 grams)
3. Water from floating Flower 1/4 cup
1. Add water, palm sugar in the brass pan and heat. Stir until dissolve until change to caramel color. Stir shredded coconut over low heat.  Bring up and set aside to cool. (put in the container, close the lid and smoke with candle)
2. Served – Use as red glutinous rice or as a filling. If stir until thick more than this, it will be Kanom Tom Kam, Kanom Tian or Kanom Sod Sai.
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รายการที่1-9 จาก 9

Red Glutinous Rice with Fried Grated Coconut

Red Glutinous Rice with Fried Grated Coconut - Red glutinous rice is another Thai sweet dessert that mixing between black glutinous rice and white glutinous rice. Eat together with fried grated coconut.

Ingredient of Red Glutinous Rice with Fried Grated Coconut

Red Glutinous Rice (Black + White Glutinous Rice)

Fried Coconut

1. Teun Tuek Coconut (grated) 2 cups
2. Palm Sugar 1 cup (300 grams)
3. Water from floating Flower 1/4 cup

How to Cook Red Glutinous Rice with Fried Grated Coconut

1. Add water, palm sugar in the brass pan and heat. Stir until dissolve until change to caramel color. Stir shredded coconut over low heat. Bring up and set aside to cool. (put in the container, close the lid and smoke with candle)
2. Served – Use as red glutinous rice or as a filling. If stir until thick more than this, it will be Kanom Tom Kam, Kanom Tian or Kanom Sod Sai.
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