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Golden Needle Mushroom Spicy Salad (Nam Prik Dressing Salad) 

       By: Chef Ti  

Recipe Detail :

Golden Needle Mushroom Spicy Salad (Nam Prik Dressing Salad) - This is adapted menu from North chilli paste because we make by grilling. But don’t have strong flavor like chili paste. Eat together with fried or grilled dish would be even more delicious.

Golden Needle Mushroom Spicy Salad (Nam Prik Dressing Salad) - This is adapted menu from North chilli paste because we make by grilling. But don’t have strong flavor like chili paste. Eat together with fried or grilled dish would be even more delicious.
For 1-2 person

1. Golden needle mushrooms, 100 grams
2. Coriander leaves 3 grams (or as much as you want)
3. 2 seeds Prik Num
4. 2 Red Goat Pepper
5. 10 Shallots
6. 1 Large Clove Garlic 
7. 1-2 Coriander roots
8. Fish sauce 2 Tbsp.
9. Sugar 2 Tbsp.
10. Lemon juice 1 Tbsp.
1. Roast goat pepper, garlic, shallots, with medium-high heat. Make sure they’re soft. Then peel the goat pepper skin out. Then leave it cool.
2. Mix salad dressing to melt sugar. Then pound coriander root with 2 cloves garlic. Then grill golden needle mushroom over medium heat. Add pounded garlic and coriander root in mushroom and sprinkle with oil. Wait until cook and leave it cool.
3. Peel shallot, galic and goat pepper. Remove seeds out, cut if it too long and tear into strips.
4. Taste spicy dressing and you can add more flavor if you want.  Add garlic and shallot (crush a bit). Add goat pepper and golden needle mushrooms to mix well together. And follow with remaining coriander at last. Eat together with crispy fish or other kind of fried-grilled meat.

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รายการที่1-8 จาก 8

Golden Needle Mushroom Spicy Salad (Nam Prik Dressing Salad)

Golden Needle Mushroom Spicy Salad (Nam Prik Dressing Salad) - This is adapted menu from North chilli paste because we make by grilling. But don’t have strong flavor like chili paste. Eat together with fried or grilled dish would be even more delicious.

Ingredient of Golden Needle Mushroom Spicy Salad (Nam Prik Dressing Salad)

1. Golden needle mushrooms, 100 grams
2. Coriander leaves 3 grams (or as much as you want)
3. 2 seeds Prik Num
4. 2 Red Goat Pepper
5. 10 Shallots
6. 1 Large Clove Garlic
7. 1-2 Coriander roots
8. Fish sauce 2 Tbsp.
9. Sugar 2 Tbsp.
10. Lemon juice 1 Tbsp.

How to Cook Golden Needle Mushroom Spicy Salad (Nam Prik Dressing Salad)

1. Roast goat pepper, garlic, shallots, with medium-high heat. Make sure they’re soft. Then peel the goat pepper skin out. Then leave it cool.
2. Mix salad dressing to melt sugar. Then pound coriander root with 2 cloves garlic. Then grill golden needle mushroom over medium heat. Add pounded garlic and coriander root in mushroom and sprinkle with oil. Wait until cook and leave it cool.
3. Peel shallot, galic and goat pepper. Remove seeds out, cut if it too long and tear into strips.
4. Taste spicy dressing and you can add more flavor if you want. Add garlic and shallot (crush a bit). Add goat pepper and golden needle mushrooms to mix well together. And follow with remaining coriander at last. Eat together with crispy fish or other kind of fried-grilled meat.

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