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Ka Prao Kha Mu Pa-Lo

       By: Chef Ti  

Recipe Detail :

Ka Prao Kha Mu Pa-Lo - The menu is not easy to find. But if you taste once, you will find it 
again later. But I saw less in Bangkok and also out of town. If we don’t need to make stewed pork in the gravy (Pa - Lo), it will a lot more easily.  Who like to eat ‘Ka - Prao Khai Dao’ have to try this menu.

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Ka Prao Kha Mu Pa-Lo - The menu is not easy to find. But if you taste once, you will find it again later. But I saw less in Bangkok and also out of town. If we don’t need to make stewed pork in the gravy (Pa-Lo), it will a lot more easily.  Who like to eat ‘Ka-Prao Khai Dao’ have to try this menu.

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For 1-2 person

1. Stewed pork leg for 1-2 person (50-70 baht)
2. Water from Stewed pork legs (1/3 cup)
3. 5-7 Small cloves Garlic
4. 5-7 Large Bird chilies
5. Long Beans, cut into pieces (1/2 - 1 cup)
6. 30 Basil leaves
7. 1 Tsp. Fish sauce (if it sweet)
1. Smash and peel garlic, pound chilli and turn medium-high heat. Pour 2 tbsp. oil in the hot pan.
2. Add pounded chilli-garlic to fry with oil. Follow with Palo pork leg, fry until hot. Then add long bean and fry together.  Add Pa-Lo soup, fry until boil. Taste and add more seasoning as needed. Add basil and mix it together. Turn off the gas. Finish.
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รายการที่1-9 จาก 9

Ka Prao Kha Mu Pa-Lo

Ka Prao Kha Mu Pa-Lo - The menu is not easy to find. But if you taste once, you will find it again later. But I saw less in Bangkok and also out of town. If we don’t need to make stewed pork in the gravy (Pa-Lo), it will a lot more easily. Who like to eat ‘Ka-Prao Khai Dao’ have to try this menu.

Ingredient of Ka Prao Kha Mu Pa-Lo

1. Stewed pork leg for 1-2 person (50-70 baht)
2. Water from Stewed pork legs (1/3 cup)
3. 5-7 Small cloves Garlic
4. 5-7 Large Bird chilies
5. Long Beans, cut into pieces (1/2 - 1 cup)
6. 30 Basil leaves
7. 1 Tsp. Fish sauce (if it sweet)

How to Cook Ka Prao Kha Mu Pa-Lo

1. Smash and peel garlic, pound chilli and turn medium-high heat. Pour 2 tbsp. oil in the hot pan.
2. Add pounded chilli-garlic to fry with oil. Follow with Palo pork leg, fry until hot. Then add long bean and fry together. Add Pa-Lo soup, fry until boil. Taste and add more seasoning as needed. Add basil and mix it together. Turn off the gas. Finish.

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