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Chocolate Crepe with Vanilla Cream

       By: Chef Nan  

Recipe Detail :

Chocolate Crepe with Vanilla Cream - Eat chocolate crepe together with vanilla sauce for more delicious!

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Chocolate Crepe with Vanilla Cream - Eat chocolate crepe together with vanilla sauce for more delicious!
For 3 person

1. Milk 300 grams
2. 6 Eggs
3. Cocoa powder 40 grams
4. Sugar 25 grams
5. Salt 5 grams
6. Vegetable oil 50 grams
7. Baking powder 5 grams
8. 250 grams of Bread flour

Vanilla Cream
1. Milk 200 ml.
2. Sugar, 40 grams
3. Vanilla 1/4 Tsp.
4. 2 Eggs
5. Corn flour 1 Tbsp.
1. Icing
2. Strawberry
3. Sliced Almond

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1. Make vanilla cream first. Boil milk, sugar and vanilla smell in a pot. Follow by corn flour and egg, then stir to combine. When milk is boiling up, put into the flour and egg, stir to combine and put into the pot. Stir until thick and creamy. and set aside to cool.
2. Beat milk, eggs, sugar, and salt well together.
3. Add coco powder, baking powder and bread flour together. Add into step 1 and stir to combine. Then filter until smooth, add vegetable oil and mix to combine.
4. Brush oil in the pan. Set the pan over medium heat, add crape flour and roll into circle around the pan, wait until cooked. Turn off the heat. Add vanilla cream into the middle. Place strawberries and fold 2 sides up. Serve on plate, sprinkle with icing and almonds. Serve. 
รายการที่1-12 จาก 12
รายการที่1-12 จาก 12

Chocolate Crepe with Vanilla Cream

Chocolate Crepe with Vanilla Cream - Eat chocolate crepe together with vanilla sauce for more delicious!

Ingredient of Chocolate Crepe with Vanilla Cream


1. Milk 300 grams
2. 6 Eggs
3. Cocoa powder 40 grams
4. Sugar 25 grams
5. Salt 5 grams
6. Vegetable oil 50 grams
7. Baking powder 5 grams
8. 250 grams of Bread flour

Vanilla Cream

1. Milk 200 ml.
2. Sugar, 40 grams
3. Vanilla 1/4 Tsp.
4. 2 Eggs
5. Corn flour 1 Tbsp.


1. Icing
2. Strawberry
3. Sliced Almond

How to Cook Chocolate Crepe with Vanilla Cream

1. Make vanilla cream first. Boil milk, sugar and vanilla smell in a pot. Follow by corn flour and egg, then stir to combine. When milk is boiling up, put into the flour and egg, stir to combine and put into the pot. Stir until thick and creamy. and set aside to cool.
2. Beat milk, eggs, sugar, and salt well together.
3. Add coco powder, baking powder and bread flour together. Add into step 1 and stir to combine. Then filter until smooth, add vegetable oil and mix to combine.
4. Brush oil in the pan. Set the pan over medium heat, add crape flour and roll into circle around the pan, wait until cooked. Turn off the heat. Add vanilla cream into the middle. Place strawberries and fold 2 sides up. Serve on plate, sprinkle with icing and almonds. Serve. 

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