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Bitter Gourd Soup with Stewed Pork (Toon Ma-Ra See Kloung Mu)

       By: Chef Naam  

Recipe Detail :

Bitter Gourd Soup with Stewed Pork (Toon Ma - Ra See Kloung Mu) - This soup is good for health. The sweet taste from stewed pork can reduce the bitter taste. If you like to eat bitter gourd, you should try to make this menu.

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Bitter Gourd Soup with Stewed Pork (Toon Ma-Ra See Kloung Mu) - This soup is good for health. The sweet taste from stewed pork can reduce the bitter taste. If you like to eat bitter gourd, you should try to make this menu.
For 3-4 persons

1. 1 Bitter
2. 200 grams of Pork ribs
3. 3 Celery root (pound) 
4. 3 cloves Garlic (Crushed)
5. Pepper 1 Tsp.
6. 8-10 cups of Water
7. Soy sauce 2 Tbsp.
8. Salt 1 Tsp.
9. Pepper (garnish)
1. Pour water into the pot, then pork ribs and soaked in water for 10-15 minutes to let it absorb  inside pork rib. Then put on the stove. Add coriander root, garlic, salt and pepper.
2. Bitter Gourd – Washed and clean. Cut in half along the length. Scoop the meat out with a spoon and scrape white fiber. Rup with salt, then put in water (or mix with salt in water). Soak for 10 minutes to reduce bitter taste of the gourd.
3. Boil pork rib in the pot. When boiling, remove the bubbles foam out. And boil again. Season with soy sauce and salt. Dim to low heat.  Cover with the lid for 1 1/2 - 2 hour. Then dip with the fork to make sure that pork rib is tender. Serve.
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รายการที่1-9 จาก 9

Bitter Gourd Soup with Stewed Pork (Toon Ma-Ra See Kloung Mu)

Bitter Gourd Soup with Stewed Pork (Toon Ma-Ra See Kloung Mu) - This soup is good for health. The sweet taste from stewed pork can reduce the bitter taste. If you like to eat bitter gourd, you should try to make this menu.

Ingredient of Bitter Gourd Soup with Stewed Pork (Toon Ma-Ra See Kloung Mu)

1. 1 Bitter
2. 200 grams of Pork ribs
3. 3 Celery root (pound)
4. 3 cloves Garlic (Crushed)
5. Pepper 1 Tsp.
6. 8-10 cups of Water
7. Soy sauce 2 Tbsp.
8. Salt 1 Tsp.
9. Pepper (garnish)

How to Cook Bitter Gourd Soup with Stewed Pork (Toon Ma-Ra See Kloung Mu)

1. Pour water into the pot, then pork ribs and soaked in water for 10-15 minutes to let it absorb inside pork rib. Then put on the stove. Add coriander root, garlic, salt and pepper.
2. Bitter Gourd – Washed and clean. Cut in half along the length. Scoop the meat out with a spoon and scrape white fiber. Rup with salt, then put in water (or mix with salt in water). Soak for 10 minutes to reduce bitter taste of the gourd.
3. Boil pork rib in the pot. When boiling, remove the bubbles foam out. And boil again. Season with soy sauce and salt. Dim to low heat. Cover with the lid for 1 1/2 - 2 hour. Then dip with the fork to make sure that pork rib is tender. Serve.

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