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Namprik Ma Kham Aon / Tamarind paste (Fried)

       By: Chef Naam  

Recipe Detail :

Namprik Ma Kham Aon / Tamarind paste (Fried) - This menu is one of Thai Chilli paste. You can make it by mix tamarind with palm sugar and fish sauce. Then add minced pork and ground shrimp. Eat together with side dish vegetable, sweet pork and salted egg.

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Namprik Ma Kham Aon / Tamarind paste (Fried) - This menu is one of Thai Chilli paste. You can make it by mix tamarind with palm sugar and fish sauce. Then add minced pork and ground shrimp. Eat together with side dish vegetable, sweet pork and salted egg.

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For 4-6 person

1. 15 Fresh tamarind (soaked in clean water - grated rind - through the second half - carved out the seeds - clean water - the pound) 15 pods.
2. Pork chops 1/2 cup.
3. Dried powder 1/4 cup.
4. Garlic cloves, Thailand 10.
5. Paprika (Cool Rod) 10 to 12 grains.
6. Fish sauce 2-3 tablespoons.
7. Sugar in the 1/2 cup.
1. Fresh Tamarind – wash tamarind, scrape the skin out. Cut half, remove seed. Pound until finely. (Put salt just a little when pounding).
2. Mortars pounded garlic pepper 4-5 tablets to put the pork until it dried tamarind powder, mix well and set aside. The sugar and fish sauce for seasoning. The sour taste salty, sweet, generous pepper and mix well.
3. Frying pan add the oil. Medium heat, add the tamarind pound. The cooked chicken was dry. Spoon into serving container side - fried eggplant, cucumber, ginger Kmignkaw Engaecem salted pork, sweet, etc.

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รายการที่1-10 จาก 10
รายการที่1-10 จาก 10

Namprik Ma Kham Aon / Tamarind paste (Fried)

Namprik Ma Kham Aon / Tamarind paste (Fried) - This menu is one of Thai Chilli paste. You can make it by mix tamarind with palm sugar and fish sauce. Then add minced pork and ground shrimp. Eat together with side dish vegetable, sweet pork and salted egg.

Ingredient of Namprik Ma Kham Aon / Tamarind paste (Fried)

1. 15 Fresh tamarind (soaked in clean water - grated rind - through the second half - carved out the seeds - clean water - the pound) 15 pods.
2. Pork chops 1/2 cup.
3. Dried powder 1/4 cup.
4. Garlic cloves, Thailand 10.
5. Paprika (Cool Rod) 10 to 12 grains.
6. Fish sauce 2-3 tablespoons.
7. Sugar in the 1/2 cup.

How to Cook Namprik Ma Kham Aon / Tamarind paste (Fried)

1. Fresh Tamarind – wash tamarind, scrape the skin out. Cut half, remove seed. Pound until finely. (Put salt just a little when pounding).
2. Mortars pounded garlic pepper 4-5 tablets to put the pork until it dried tamarind powder, mix well and set aside. The sugar and fish sauce for seasoning. The sour taste salty, sweet, generous pepper and mix well.
3. Frying pan add the oil. Medium heat, add the tamarind pound. The cooked chicken was dry. Spoon into serving container side - fried eggplant, cucumber, ginger Kmignkaw Engaecem salted pork, sweet, etc.
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