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Thai Northern Style Light meal (Kai-Pam) 

       By: Chef Ti  

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Thai Northern Style Light meal (Kai - Pam)  - This menu is light meal of Northern of Thai. Many people that used to go the Chaing - Mai may know this kind of food. For the name Kai - Pam ,  Pam is mean roast. This menu make by roast the egg that filled inside the banana leaves. And roast them until they have a good smell.

Thai Northern Style Light meal (Kai - Pam)  - This menu is light meal of Northern of Thai. Many people that used to go the Chaing-Mai may know this kind of food. For the name Kai-Pam ,  Pam is mean roast. This menu make by roast the egg that filled inside the banana leaves. And roast them until they have a good smell.

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For 3-4 person

1. 3-5 eggs
2. 4-5 spring onions
3. 1/5 Tsp. of salt
4. 1 Tomato
5.Banana leaves

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1. Fold banana leaves (can see in our clips).
2. After that put egg,salt and tomato into the banana leaves. Seasoning with spring onion and roast them with medium heat. Roast them for the both sides. Ready to serve when they have a good smell.


You can add tomato , sweet pepper , mushroom , crab stick , sausage , minced pork or shrimp (but for the ingredients that hard to cooked , should cooked them first).
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รายการที่1-12 จาก 12

Thai Northern Style Light meal (Kai-Pam)

Thai Northern Style Light meal (Kai-Pam) - This menu is light meal of Northern of Thai. Many people that used to go the Chaing-Mai may know this kind of food. For the name Kai-Pam , Pam is mean roast. This menu make by roast the egg that filled inside the banana leaves. And roast them until they have a good smell.

Ingredient of Thai Northern Style Light meal (Kai-Pam)

1. 3-5 eggs
2. 4-5 spring onions
3. 1/5 Tsp. of salt
4. 1 Tomato
5.Banana leaves

How to Cook Thai Northern Style Light meal (Kai-Pam)

1. Fold banana leaves (can see in our clips).
2. After that put egg,salt and tomato into the banana leaves. Seasoning with spring onion and roast them with medium heat. Roast them for the both sides. Ready to serve when they have a good smell.

Tips Thai Northern Style Light meal (Kai-Pam)

You can add tomato , sweet pepper , mushroom , crab stick , sausage , minced pork or shrimp (but for the ingredients that hard to cooked , should cooked them first).
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