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Sesbania flower Omelet with Shrimp (Khai Jiaw Dok Sano Horapa Goong)

       By: Chef Ti  

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Sesbania flower Omelet with Shrimp (Khai Jiaw Dok Sano Horapa Goong) - Omelet is famous to around the world and everyone familiar with it. But it has different way to cook. Today we will add the ‘Dok Sa-No’ in it for more nutrient, plus with shrimp and crackling for more delicious.

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Sesbania flower Omelet with Shrimp (Khai Jiaw Dok Sano Horapa Goong) - Omelet is famous to around the world and everyone familiar with it. But it has different way to cook. Today we will add the ‘Dok Sa-No’ in it for more nutrient, plus with shrimp and crackling for more delicious.

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For 1-2 person

1. 2 Eggs
2. 3-5 Shrimps
3. 1/3 cup Dok Sa-No
4. Pork fat, cut into medium dice 1 Tbsp. 
5. Soy sauce 1-2 Tbsp. (or 2 tbsp. more for eat with rice)
6. Basil leaves
1. Put eggs into a bowl, put basil and chopped shrimp down. Then put soy sauce and mix together to combine(or add lime juice 2-3 drops), followed by Dok Sa-No.
2. Set the pan. Cut pork fat about 1 part little finger long and 1/2 cm. thick. Fry in the pan over medium-low heat.  The oil will come out and the pieces will smaller.
3. When pork is cooked about 70%, use high heat. Add oil 1 measuring cup. Spread oil to around the pan. The pork will cook more.
4. when the oil is hot enough, put egg into the pan to fry until cook on both side.  Bring up to drain oil and finish. 
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Sesbania flower Omelet with Shrimp (Khai Jiaw Dok Sano Horapa Goong)

Sesbania flower Omelet with Shrimp (Khai Jiaw Dok Sano Horapa Goong) - Omelet is famous to around the world and everyone familiar with it. But it has different way to cook. Today we will add the ‘Dok Sa-No’ in it for more nutrient, plus with shrimp and crackling for more delicious.

Ingredient of Sesbania flower Omelet with Shrimp (Khai Jiaw Dok Sano Horapa Goong)

1. 2 Eggs
2. 3-5 Shrimps
3. 1/3 cup Dok Sa-No
4. Pork fat, cut into medium dice 1 Tbsp.
5. Soy sauce 1-2 Tbsp. (or 2 Tbsp. more for eat with rice)
6. Basil leaves

How to Cook Sesbania flower Omelet with Shrimp (Khai Jiaw Dok Sano Horapa Goong)

1. Put eggs into a bowl, put basil and chopped shrimp down. Then put soy sauce and mix together to combine(or add lime juice 2-3 drops), followed by Dok Sa-No.
2. Set the pan. Cut pork fat about 1 part little finger long and 1/2 cm. thick. Fry in the pan over medium-low heat. The oil will come out and the pieces will smaller.
3. When pork is cooked about 70%, use high heat. Add oil 1 measuring cup. Spread oil to around the pan. The pork will cook more.
4. when the oil is hot enough, put egg into the pan to fry until cook on both side. Bring up to drain oil and finish. 

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