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Mix Fruits Tiramisu (Tiramisu Pon La Mai Ruam)

       By: Chef Pong  

Recipe Detail :

Mix Fruits Tiramisu (Tiramisu Pon La Mai Ruam) - A delicious dessert dish from Italy which is not too difficult to make as you think. Although there are many steps for making Mix Fruits Tiramisu, but it’s worth to try.

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Mix Fruits Tiramisu (Tiramisu Pon La Mai Ruam) - A delicious dessert dish from Italy which is not too difficult to make as you think. Although there are many steps for making Mix Fruits Tiramisu, but it’s worth to try.

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For 4 person

1. 5-6 bar Lady Finger
2. 1 cup Coffee
3. 1 box Mascarpone
4. 3 Egg whites
5. 3 Egg yolks
6. Cocoa powder 1/2 cup
7. Sugar 1 cup
8. Kiwi and Strawberry 70 grams
1. Broke lady finger and soak in coffee. Then put in a container.
2. Beat egg yolk, white egg and sugar. Then add mascarpone to beat together and set aside.
3. Beat until egg whites fluffy. Then gather together with mascarpone until smooth.
4. Slice fruit in a container which already place with lady finger. Then add smooth cream and stay in the refrigerator for a few moments. Top with cocoa powder when serving.


Mix coco powder with coffee before sprinkle for nice smell and taste.
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Mix Fruits Tiramisu (Tiramisu Pon La Mai Ruam)

Mix Fruits Tiramisu (Tiramisu Pon La Mai Ruam) - A delicious dessert dish from Italy which is not too difficult to make as you think. Although there are many steps for making Mix Fruits Tiramisu, but it’s worth to try.

Ingredient of Mix Fruits Tiramisu (Tiramisu Pon La Mai Ruam)

1. 5-6 bar Lady Finger
2. 1 cup Coffee
3. 1 box Mascarpone
4. 3 Egg whites
5. 3 Egg yolks
6. Cocoa powder 1/2 cup
7. Sugar 1 cup
8. Kiwi and Strawberry 70 grams

How to Cook Mix Fruits Tiramisu (Tiramisu Pon La Mai Ruam)

1. Broke lady finger and soak in coffee. Then put in a container.
2. Beat egg yolk, white egg and sugar. Then add mascarpone to beat together and set aside.
3. Beat until egg whites fluffy. Then gather together with mascarpone until smooth.
4. Slice fruit in a container which already place with lady finger. Then add smooth cream and stay in the refrigerator for a few moments. Top with cocoa powder when serving.

Tips Mix Fruits Tiramisu (Tiramisu Pon La Mai Ruam)

Mix coco powder with coffee before sprinkle for nice smell and taste.
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