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Palmiers (Pie Pee Suer/ Pie Hu Chang)

       By: Chef Jadee  

Recipe Detail :

Palmiers (Pie Pee Suer/ Pie Hu Chang) - Palmiers is a pie that look alike butterfly, heart and elephant ears. That’s why Palmiers have several names.  Delicious sweet and crispy pie that coating with sugar.

Palmiers (Pie Pee Suer/ Pie Hu Chang) - Palmiers is a pie that look alike butterfly, heart and elephant ears. That’s why Palmiers have several names.  Delicious sweet and crispy pie that coating with sugar.

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Ingredient for 25-35 pieces

1. Pie (optional)
- English Method
- French Method
- Scotch Method
2. 300 grams of Sugar
1. Warm oven at 215 degrees.
2. Prepare buttered tray.
3. Roll pie into 1 cm thick.
4. Cut edge out and cut into rectangular shape.
5. Sprinkle sugar (both top and bottom of the dough).
6. Fold the left and right side mirror folds the two meet in the middle.
7. Wrap with plastic wrap.  Stay in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes.
8. Cut into 1.5 cm each pieces.
9. Paint water with brush on both sides (top and bottom).
10. Then dip in sugar on both sides.
11. when finish, arrange on the baking tray.
12. Bake 15-20 minutes for about 7 minutes. And turn upside down.
13. Bake until done or color is beautiful.
14. Bring out to fold on wire rack to cool after it’s cook.
15. Keep in a container

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รายการที่1-11 จาก 11

Palmiers (Pie Pee Suer/ Pie Hu Chang)

Palmiers (Pie Pee Suer/ Pie Hu Chang) - Palmiers is a pie that look alike butterfly, heart and elephant ears. That’s why Palmiers have several names. Delicious sweet and crispy pie that coating with sugar.

Ingredient of Palmiers (Pie Pee Suer/ Pie Hu Chang)

1. Pie (optional)
- English Method
- French Method
- Scotch Method
2. 300 grams of Sugar

How to Cook Palmiers (Pie Pee Suer/ Pie Hu Chang)

1. Warm oven at 215 degrees.
2. Prepare buttered tray.
3. Roll pie into 1 cm thick.
4. Cut edge out and cut into rectangular shape.
5. Sprinkle sugar (both top and bottom of the dough).
6. Fold the left and right side mirror folds the two meet in the middle.
7. Wrap with plastic wrap. Stay in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes.
8. Cut into 1.5 cm each pieces.
9. Paint water with brush on both sides (top and bottom).
10. Then dip in sugar on both sides.
11. when finish, arrange on the baking tray.
12. Bake 15-20 minutes for about 7 minutes. And turn upside down.
13. Bake until done or color is beautiful.
14. Bring out to fold on wire rack to cool after it’s cook.
15. Keep in a container

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