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Sweet Pie Dough (Pang Pie Wan)

       By: Chef Naam  

Recipe Detail :

Sweet Pie Dough (Pang Pie Wan) - Sweet Pie dough is a basic pie dough recipe that can use for making many kind of dessert.

Sweet Pie Dough (Pang Pie Wan) - Sweet Pie dough is a basic pie dough recipe that can use for making many kind of dessert.
Cooking time : 40-50 minutes
For : 500 grams Pie Dough

1. 100 grams Butter
2. 100 grams Icing Sugar
3. 50 grams Egg
4, 250 grams Wheat flour
5. Water
1. Put icing sugar, butter and mix together. Put egg and knead until smooth. Add wheat flour just a little and knead together.
2. Sift flour, add icing sugar. Press and knead together. Cut the dough 3-4 times. Then wrap and freeze 0-4 degrees. You can keep for 4 days.
3. Roll the dough into thin sheet (make it large than cutter about 2 inches).
4. Place the dough on ring cutter and press it all around inside. Then cut another part out.
5. Place white cloth bag or rice in the middle of dough. Bake at 200-220 degrees about 30-40 minutes.
รายการที่1-6 จาก 6
รายการที่1-6 จาก 6

Sweet Pie Dough (Pang Pie Wan)

Sweet Pie Dough (Pang Pie Wan) - Sweet Pie dough is a basic pie dough recipe that can use for making many kind of dessert.

Ingredient of Sweet Pie Dough (Pang Pie Wan)

1. 100 grams Butter
2. 100 grams Icing Sugar
3. 50 grams Egg
4, 250 grams Wheat flour
5. Water

How to Cook Sweet Pie Dough (Pang Pie Wan)

1. Put icing sugar, butter and mix together. Put egg and knead until smooth. Add wheat flour just a little and knead together.
2. Sift flour, add icing sugar. Press and knead together. Cut the dough 3-4 times. Then wrap and freeze 0-4 degrees. You can keep for 4 days.
3. Roll the dough into thin sheet (make it large than cutter about 2 inches).
4. Place the dough on ring cutter and press it all around inside. Then cut another part out.
5. Place white cloth bag or rice in the middle of dough. Bake at 200-220 degrees about 30-40 minutes.

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