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A Confection of Bean Coated with Egg (Kanom Han-Tra)

       By: Chef Naam  

Recipe Detail :

A Confection of Bean Coated with Egg (Kanom Han-Tra) - Hantra made from crushed nuts, stirred with the coconut milk, salt, until thick and sticky. Then coated with egg yolk like Med Ka - Noon. And wrapped with another layer of egg. Hantra usually make for religious ceremony.

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A Confection of Bean Coated with Egg (Kanom Han-Tra) - Hantra made from crushed nuts, stirred with the coconut milk, salt, until thick and sticky. Then coated with egg yolk like Med Ka-Noon. And wrapped with another layer of egg. Hantra usually make for religious ceremony.

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Duration: 2 hrs

Bean filling
1. Bean / Gold bean (Along with the water - boil until tender home - Filter drained) 200 grams
2. Sugar 3/4 cup
3. Coconut milk 1 cup

4. 3 cup Sugar
5. 2 cup Water
6. 5-6 Duck eggs (use just only egg yolk for dropping syrup)
7. 5-6 Duck eggs (put egg into a bowl - beat slightly to combine -filters in white cloth)

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1. Clean and boil beans (200 grams) until soft.  Drain water and pour into a bowl. Add sugar, coconut milk, stir to combine. Blend until smooth. Pour in a brass pan over low heat and stir until dry. Stir bean until stick together. Turn off the gas. Remove from stove and continue stirring and kneading until cool. Mold into 1x1x1 cm. square. Press down at the above.
2. Syrup - Add 3 cups sugar + 2 cups water over low heat, stir a bit (pour water if syrup is too concentrate).
3. Separate egg yolks and put into a bowl. Using spoon to stir to combine. Put blended bean in a bowl and mix with egg thoroughly. Then drops into side of the pan(do not drop in boiling water). When cook and shiny, place on a tray.
4. Put eggs in a bowl. Stir to combine with a spoon. Filter in white cloth. Put eggs in a cone. Make sure that the pan is already hot. Then dress egg up and down - left to right. Wait until cooked, then gouge out, set aside on plate and cover.
5. Cut into 3x3 inch square piece. Place bean on flat side. Fold left to right-top to bottom. Don't let them touch the air because egg will stiff.

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รายการที่1-12 จาก 12
รายการที่1-12 จาก 12

A Confection of Bean Coated with Egg (Kanom Han-Tra)

A Confection of Bean Coated with Egg (Kanom Han-Tra) - Hantra made from crushed nuts, stirred with the coconut milk, salt, until thick and sticky. Then coated with egg yolk like Med Ka-Noon. And wrapped with another layer of egg. Hantra usually make for religious ceremony.

Ingredient of A Confection of Bean Coated with Egg (Kanom Han-Tra)

Bean filling

1. Bean / Gold bean (Along with the water - boil until tender home - Filter drained) 200 grams
2. Sugar 3/4 cup
3. Coconut milk 1 cup


4. 3 cup Sugar
5. 2 cup Water
6. 5-6 Duck eggs (use just only egg yolk for dropping syrup)
7. 5-6 Duck eggs (put egg into a bowl - beat slightly to combine -filters in white cloth)

How to Cook A Confection of Bean Coated with Egg (Kanom Han-Tra)

1. Clean and boil beans (200 grams) until soft. Drain water and pour into a bowl. Add sugar, coconut milk, stir to combine. Blend until smooth. Pour in a brass pan over low heat and stir until dry. Stir bean until stick together. Turn off the gas. Remove from stove and continue stirring and kneading until cool. Mold into 1x1x1 cm. square. Press down at the above.
2. Syrup - Add 3 cups sugar + 2 cups water over low heat, stir a bit (pour water if syrup is too concentrate).
3. Separate egg yolks and put into a bowl. Using spoon to stir to combine. Put blended bean in a bowl and mix with egg thoroughly. Then drops into side of the pan(do not drop in boiling water). When cook and shiny, place on a tray.
4. Put eggs in a bowl. Stir to combine with a spoon. Filter in white cloth. Put eggs in a cone. Make sure that the pan is already hot. Then dress egg up and down - left to right. Wait until cooked, then gouge out, set aside on plate and cover.
5. Cut into 3x3 inch square piece. Place bean on flat side. Fold left to right-top to bottom. Dont let them touch the air because egg will stiff.

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