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Fried Black Tofu (Vegan)  (Tao Hu Dam Pad See Sahai J)

       By: Chef Pat  

Recipe Detail :

Fried Black Tofu (Vegan)  (Tao Hu Dam Pad See Sahai J) - This menu use black tofu and Chinese Cabbage , carrot and bamboo. This is another healthy menu that made by easily.

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Fried Black Tofu (Vegan)  (Tao Hu Dam Pad See Sahai J) - This menu use black tofu and Chinese Cabbage , carrot and bamboo. This is another healthy menu that made by easily.
For 2 person
Cooking time : 10 minutes for prepare ingredients and 10 minutes for cook

1. 1 Bamboo
2. 1 carrot
3. 4-5 Chinese cabbage
4. 5 mushrooms
5. 1 black tofu
6. 1/2 Tbsp. of corn flour
7. 2 Tsp. of soy sauce
8. Vegan soup
9. Sesame oil

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1. Chop tofu to be strip after that fry them until turn to yellow.
2. Put oil on the pan after that fry mushroom and bamboo together.
3. Seasoning with soy sauce and put vegan soup in.
4. Put tofu in after that add corn flour and stir them together. After that add some sesame oil for better smell.
5. Ready to serve.


1. Can use for white or yellow tofu.
2. For bamboo , better soaked them in the water for 20-30 minutes first.
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รายการที่1-12 จาก 12

Fried Black Tofu (Vegan) (Tao Hu Dam Pad See Sahai J)

Fried Black Tofu (Vegan) (Tao Hu Dam Pad See Sahai J) - This menu use black tofu and Chinese Cabbage , carrot and bamboo. This is another healthy menu that made by easily.

Ingredient of Fried Black Tofu (Vegan) (Tao Hu Dam Pad See Sahai J)

1. 1 Bamboo
2. 1 carrot
3. 4-5 Chinese cabbage
4. 5 mushrooms
5. 1 black tofu
6. 1/2 Tbsp. of corn flour
7. 2 Tsp. of soy sauce
8. Vegan soup
9. Sesame oil

How to Cook Fried Black Tofu (Vegan) (Tao Hu Dam Pad See Sahai J)

1. Chop tofu to be strip after that fry them until turn to yellow.
2. Put oil on the pan after that fry mushroom and bamboo together.
3. Seasoning with soy sauce and put vegan soup in.
4. Put tofu in after that add corn flour and stir them together. After that add some sesame oil for better smell.
5. Ready to serve.

Tips Fried Black Tofu (Vegan) (Tao Hu Dam Pad See Sahai J

1. Can use for white or yellow tofu.
2. For bamboo , better soaked them in the water for 20-30 minutes first.
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