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Su-Yi (Muslim Dessert)

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Su - Yi (Muslim Dessert) - Su - Yi is a Muslim dessert which makes for the wedding, religious ceremonies. Su - Yi always makes with Korma curry. Originally mixture has only Su - Yi flour and fresh milk (without adding sugar), stir well to combine and add spices. But nowadays it’s a bit hard to find fresh cow milk. So we use canned milk instead. We add a bit sugar and still add spice as the same. It also has beta carotene of raisins and protein from almond.

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Su-Yi (Muslim Dessert) - Su-Yi is a Muslim dessert which makes for the wedding, religious ceremonies. Su- Yi always makes with Korma curry. Originally mixture has only Su-Yi flour and fresh milk (without adding sugar), stir well to combine and add spices. But nowadays it’s a bit hard to find fresh cow milk. So we use canned milk instead. We add a bit sugar and still add spice as the same. It also has beta carotene of raisins and protein from almond.
1. 1 Su-Yi flour
2. 4 Cans of Fresh milk
3. 2 cups Condensed milk
4. 2 cup Sugar
5. 1 cup Fresh butter
6. 2 Liters Boiled water
7. 100 grams Almonds
8. 20 Cardamons
9.  1 Tbsp. Clove
10. 1 cup Raisins
11. 2 sticks cinnamon skin (5 inches)

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1. Heat the pan. Add the butter down to fry cardamons, clove, and cinnamon skin.
2. Peel and cut almonds.  Fry with butter and set aside.
3. Fry raisins in the butter.  Then set aside.
4. Boil water in a pot. Add the Su-Yi flour and keep stirring all the time. Put the butter into the pan. When boil, add milk, condensed milk, sugar, cinnamon skin, clove and cardamons down.
5. Serve by sprinkle with raisins and almonds.
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รายการที่1-12 จาก 12

Su-Yi (Muslim Dessert)

Su-Yi (Muslim Dessert) - Su-Yi is a Muslim dessert which makes for the wedding, religious ceremonies. Su- Yi always makes with Korma curry. Originally mixture has only Su-Yi flour and fresh milk (without adding sugar), stir well to combine and add spices. But nowadays it’s a bit hard to find fresh cow milk. So we use canned milk instead. We add a bit sugar and still add spice as the same. It also has beta carotene of raisins and protein from almond.

Ingredient of Su-Yi (Muslim Dessert)

1. 1 Su-Yi flour
2. 4 Cans of Fresh milk
3. 2 cups Condensed milk
4. 2 cup Sugar
5. 1 cup Fresh butter
6. 2 Liters Boiled water
7. 100 grams Almonds
8. 20 Cardamons
9. 1 Tbsp. Clove
10. 1 cup Raisins
11. 2 sticks cinnamon skin (5 inches)

How to Cook Su-Yi (Muslim Dessert)

1. Heat the pan. Add the butter down to fry cardamons, clove, and cinnamon skin.
2. Peel and cut almonds. Fry with butter and set aside.
3. Fry raisins in the butter. Then set aside.
4. Boil water in a pot. Add the Su-Yi flour and keep stirring all the time. Put the butter into the pan. When boil, add milk, condensed milk, sugar, cinnamon skin, clove and cardamons down.
5. Serve by sprinkle with raisins and almonds.
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