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Korean Vegetable Pancakes - Korean pizza (Pajeon) (‘Pancake Pak Style Gao Ree’)

       By: Chef Nan  

Recipe Detail :

Korean Vegetable Pancakes - Korean pizza (Pajeon) (‘Pancake Pak Style Gao Ree’) - Pajeon  (Korean vegetable pancakes) is a delicious Korean appetizer menu. It’s easy to make and prepare ingredients. Then season taste in Korean style.

Korean Vegetable Pancakes - Korean pizza (Pajeon) (‘Pancake Pak Style Gao Ree’) - Pajeon  (Korean vegetable pancakes) is a delicious Korean appetizer menu. It’s easy to make and prepare ingredients. Then season taste in Korean style.

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For 6-8 pieces
Duration :  15 minutes

1. Purpose flour 1/2 cup.
2. 2 Eggs
3. Drinking water 2/3 cup
4. 1 Tsp. Salt
5. 2 stalk Spring onion
6. 20 grams sliced Red goat pepper
7. 1/4 sliced Onion
8. 2 Mushrooms
9. 20 grams Cabbage
10. 20 grams Carrot
11. 3-4 Chopped Shrimp
12. 2 Tbsp.Oil
1. Mix flour, water, salt, 1 egg and stir well together.
2. Mix onion, mushrooms, carrots, peppers and cabbage with the flour.
3. Heat the oil in a pan. Then put the mixture that already mixes with the flour.  Spread all over the pan into flat sheet. Fry until cook one side. Then sprinkle chopped shrimp, and put the egg on top. Flip pancake to another side and wait until cooked. And put on the side that garnished with minced shrimp.  Ready to serve.
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Korean Vegetable Pancakes - Korean pizza (Pajeon) (‘Pancake Pak Style Gao Ree’)

Korean Vegetable Pancakes - Korean pizza (Pajeon) (‘Pancake Pak Style Gao Ree’) - Pajeon (Korean vegetable pancakes) is a delicious Korean appetizer menu. It’s easy to make and prepare ingredients. Then season taste in Korean style.

Ingredient of Korean Vegetable Pancakes - Korean pizza (Pajeon) (‘Pancake Pak Style Gao Ree’)

1. Purpose flour 1/2 cup.
2. 2 Eggs
3. Drinking water 2/3 cup
4. 1 Tsp. Salt
5. 2 stalk Spring onion
6. 20 grams sliced Red goat pepper
7. 1/4 sliced Onion
8. 2 Mushrooms
9. 20 grams Cabbage
10. 20 grams Carrot
11. 3-4 Chopped Shrimp
12. 2 Tbsp.Oil

How to Cook Korean Vegetable Pancakes - Korean pizza (Pajeon) (‘Pancake Pak Style Gao Ree’)

1. Mix flour, water, salt, 1 egg and stir well together.
2. Mix onion, mushrooms, carrots, peppers and cabbage with the flour.
3. Heat the oil in a pan. Then put the mixture that already mixes with the flour. Spread all over the pan into flat sheet. Fry until cook one side. Then sprinkle chopped shrimp, and put the egg on top. Flip pancake to another side and wait until cooked. And put on the side that garnished with minced shrimp. Ready to serve.
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