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Korean style Steamed Egg (Kai Toon Kao Lee)

       By: Chef Nan  

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Korean style Steamed Egg (Kai Toon Kao Lee) - Korean style Steamed Egg Today we make steamed egg in a different way. We usually steamed egg. But today we bring to boil with water as Korean style.

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Korean style Steamed Egg (Kai Toon Kao Lee) - Korean style Steamed Egg Today we make steamed egg in a different way. We usually steamed egg. But today we bring to boil with water as Korean style.

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For 2-3 person
Duration: 15-20 minutes

1. 3 Eggs
2. 1 cup Water
3. 3 Shrimps
4. 2 Mushrooms
5. Carrots, diced 20 grams
6. Sesame oil 1 Tsp.
7. Shoyu 2 Tbsp.
8. Chopped spring onion
1. Mix the eggs with shoyu, sesame oil, spring onion and beat well together.
2. Boil water in a pot. Add shrimp, carrot, mushrooms to boil until cooked. Then wait the water boil again. Put the egg and stir with the water. Then low the heat down. Cover and wait until the egg cooked. Ready to serve.

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Korean style Steamed Egg (Kai Toon Kao Lee)

Korean style Steamed Egg (Kai Toon Kao Lee) - Korean style Steamed Egg Today we make steamed egg in a different way. We usually steamed egg. But today we bring to boil with water as Korean style.

Ingredient of Korean style Steamed Egg (Kai Toon Kao Lee)

1. 3 Eggs
2. 1 cup Water
3. 3 Shrimps
4. 2 Mushrooms
5. Carrots, diced 20 grams
6. Sesame oil 1 Tsp.
7. Shoyu 2 Tbsp.
8. Chopped spring onion

How to Cook Korean style Steamed Egg (Kai Toon Kao Lee)

1. Mix the eggs with shoyu, sesame oil, spring onion and beat well together.
2. Boil water in a pot. Add shrimp, carrot, mushrooms to boil until cooked. Then wait the water boil again. Put the egg and stir with the water. Then low the heat down. Cover and wait until the egg cooked. Ready to serve.
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