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Mochi (Japanese sweets)

       By: Chef Jadee  

Recipe Detail :

Mochi (Japanese sweets) - Mochi (Japanese sweets) is popular Japanese dessert which is not too difficult to make and preparing. It’s not too sweet, has a great texture and chewy.

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Mochi (Japanese sweets) - Mochi (Japanese sweets) is popular Japanese dessert which is not too difficult to make and preparing. It’s not too sweet, has a great texture and chewy.

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For 12- 15 pieces
Duration : 1 hour

1. 50grams Rice flour
2. 150 grams Glutinous rice flour
3. 50 grams Sugar
4. Salt 1/4 Tsp. 
5. 250 grams Water
6. 200 grams Fresh strawberries
7. 15 grams Roasted Sesame
8. 5 grams Green tea
9. 40 grams Carrots
10. 1/2 Lemon skinned
11. 200 grams Corn starch (for sprinkle and mix mochi)
12. Food coloring

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1. Start making Mochi.
Pink = strawberry
Orange = carrots
Green  = green tea
Yellow = Lemon

1. Bring strawberries to blender and separated out. (Set aside)
2. Blend strawberry and squeeze the water out. (Set aside)
3. Squeeze the water from carrot.
4. Scrape lemon skin (aside).
5. Start making mochi dough by mixing rice flour, glutinous rice, sugar, salt and water together.

6. Divide into 7 bowls in the same portion, different color.
7. Pink water =strawberry
8. Orange = Carrot
9. Green tea = Green tea powder
10. Yellow =  Lemon skin and yellow color just a little
11. Black Sesame = black sesame seeds
12. White bowl =  Add nothing
13. Put each bowl into the microwave. By cover the lid.
14. Put into microwave 2-3 minutes for 3 times. Stir before put in microwave.
15. Mold into a ball in the same size.
16. Coat and sprinkle with corn flour.

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รายการที่1-12 จาก 12
รายการที่1-12 จาก 12

Mochi (Japanese sweets)

Mochi (Japanese sweets) - Mochi (Japanese sweets) is popular Japanese dessert which is not too difficult to make and preparing. It’s not too sweet, has a great texture and chewy.

Ingredient of Mochi (Japanese sweets)

1. 50 grams Rice flour
2. 150 grams Glutinous rice flour
3. 50 grams Sugar
4. Salt 1/4 Tsp.
5. 250 grams Water
6. 200 grams Fresh strawberries
7. 15 grams Roasted Sesame
8. 5 grams Green tea
9. 40 grams Carrots
10. 1/2 Lemon skinned
11. 200 grams Corn starch (for sprinkle and mix mochi)
12. Food coloring

How to Cook Mochi (Japanese sweets)

1. Start making Mochi.

Pink = strawberry
Orange = carrots
Green = green tea
Yellow = Lemon

1. Bring strawberries to blender and separated out. (Set aside)
2. Blend strawberry and squeeze the water out. (Set aside)
3. Squeeze the water from carrot.
4. Scrape lemon skin (aside).
5. Start making mochi dough by mixing rice flour, glutinous rice, sugar, salt and water together.
6. Divide into 7 bowls in the same portion, different color.
7. Pink water =strawberry
8. Orange = Carrot
9. Green tea = Green tea powder
10. Yellow = Lemon skin and yellow color just a little
11. Black Sesame = black sesame seeds
12. White bowl = Add nothing
13. Put each bowl into the microwave. By cover the lid.
14. Put into microwave 2-3 minutes for 3 times. Stir before put in microwave.
15. Mold into a ball in the same size.
16. Coat and sprinkle with corn flour.
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