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Zaru Somen (Zaru Somen)

       By: Chef Arm  

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Zaru Somen (Zaru Somen) - This menu is a popular food in the summer of Japan. Cook by blanching Somen, then immerse in cold water and serve with grounded ice.  Eat together with various toppings and the sauce in a bowl.  When you’re eating, just mix Somen with the sauce and enjoy.

Zaru Somen (Zaru Somen) - This menu is a popular food in the summer of Japan. Cook by blanching Somen, then immerse in cold water and serve with grounded ice.  Eat together with various toppings and the sauce in a bowl.  When you’re eating, just mix Somen with the sauce and enjoy.

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For 2 person
Cooking time: 30 minutes

1 bunch Somen (about 100 grams)

1. 250 grams of Water
2. 2 Tbsp. Sugar
3. 3 Tbsp. Shoyu
4. 1 Tbsp. Mirin

Side dishes
1. 60 grams White tofu ( cut into small dice) 
2. 40 grams Mushrooms
3. 40 grams Shredded egg (learn how to make at Chirashi Sushi video)
4. 1 sliced Japanese cucumber 
5. Pickled ginger 
6. Dried seaweed 
7. Roasted white sesame seeds

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1.  Heat the pan. Boil water. Then add mirin, shoyu and sugar. Stir until dissolve and set aside to cool.
2. Heat the pot, blanch tofu and mushroom. Soak in cold water and set aside. Tie somen with rope and boil.  When cooked, soak in cold water and set aside.
3. When everything done, serve by place Somen with ice.  (It won’t stick together).  Then put side dishes beside Somen. And put the sauce together with Somen.

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Zaru Somen (Zaru Somen)

Zaru Somen (Zaru Somen) - This menu is a popular food in the summer of Japan. Cook by blanching Somen, then immerse in cold water and serve with grounded ice. Eat together with various toppings and the sauce in a bowl. When you’re eating, just mix Somen with the sauce and enjoy.

Ingredient of Zaru Somen (Zaru Somen)

1 bunch Somen (about 100 grams)


1. 250 grams of Water
2. 2 Tbsp. Sugar
3. 3 Tbsp. Shoyu
4. 1 Tbsp. Mirin

Side dishes

1. 60 grams White tofu ( cut into small dice)
2. 40 grams Mushrooms
3. 40 grams Shredded egg (learn how to make at Chirashi

Sushi video)

4. 1 sliced Japanese cucumber
5. Pickled ginger
6. Dried seaweed
7. Roasted white sesame seeds

How to Cook Zaru Somen (Zaru Somen)

1. Heat the pan. Boil water. Then add mirin, shoyu and sugar. Stir until dissolve and set aside to cool.
2. Heat the pot, blanch tofu and mushroom. Soak in cold water and set aside. Tie somen with rope and boil. When cooked, soak in cold water and set aside.
3. When everything done, serve by place Somen with ice. (It won’t stick together). Then put side dishes beside Somen. And put the sauce together with Somen.

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