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Chocolate Dip Strawberry (Strawberry Klueb Chocolate – Glong Chocolate Roob Hua Jai)

       By: Chef Jadee  

Recipe Detail :

Chocolate Dip Strawberry (Strawberry Klueb Chocolate - Glong Chocolate Roob Hua Jai) - Another lovely dessert menu on Valentine’s day, with chocolate box that you can create your own style. Such a perfect taste of sourness of strawberry and sweet of chocolate. Try it and you’ll love it ^ ^.

Chocolate Dip Strawberry (Strawberry Klueb Chocolate – Glong Chocolate Roob Hua Jai) - Another lovely dessert menu on Valentine’s day, with chocolate box that you can create your own style. Such a perfect taste of sourness of strawberry and sweet of chocolate. Try it and you’ll love it ^ ^.

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For 2 Boxes (Small)
Time : 3 hours

1. 250 grams Fresh strawberries
2. 500 grams Dark chocolate
3. 150 grams White Chocolate
4. Food coloring
1. Make chocolate box by cutting 2 pieces of heart shaped chocolate (lid and box).
2. Cut for 15 pieces for each.
3. Overlap and sealing with scotch tape.   
4. Wrap 2 pieces chocolate with food plastic wrap.
5. Melt chocolate and coat heart shaped with melted chocolate.
6. Make 6-10 pieces (depend on box size).
7. Set aside chocolate.
8. Remove a mold inside. Keep only chocolate.
9. Trim chocolate box finely.
10. Decorate as you like.
11. Rinse and stab strawberry with a skewer.
12. Dip strawberry into chocolate.
13. Set aside to cool. Decorate with white chocolate.
14. Remove strawberry from a skewer and put in heart-shaped chocolate box. 

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รายการที่1-12 จาก 16
รายการที่1-12 จาก 16

Chocolate Dip Strawberry (Strawberry Klueb Chocolate – Glong Chocolate Roob Hua Jai)

Chocolate Dip Strawberry (Strawberry Klueb Chocolate – Glong Chocolate Roob Hua Jai) - Another lovely dessert menu on Valentine’s day, with chocolate box that you can create your own style. Such a perfect taste of sourness of strawberry and sweet of chocolate. Try it and you’ll love it ^ ^.

Ingredient of Chocolate Dip Strawberry (Strawberry Klueb Chocolate – Glong Chocolate Roob Hua Jai)

1. 250 grams Fresh strawberries
2. 500 grams Dark chocolate
3. 150 grams White Chocolate
4. Food coloring

How to Cook Chocolate Dip Strawberry (Strawberry Klueb Chocolate – Glong Chocolate Roob Hua Jai)

1. Make chocolate box by cutting 2 pieces of heart shaped chocolate (lid and box).
2. Cut for 15 pieces for each.
3. Overlap and sealing with scotch tape.
4. Wrap 2 pieces chocolate with food plastic wrap.
5. Melt chocolate and coat heart shaped with melted chocolate.
6. Make 6-10 pieces (depend on box size).
7. Set aside chocolate.
8. Remove a mold inside. Keep only chocolate.
9. Trim chocolate box finely.
10. Decorate as you like.
11. Rinse and stab strawberry with a skewer.
12. Dip strawberry into chocolate.
13. Set aside to cool. Decorate with white chocolate.
14. Remove strawberry from a skewer and put in heart-shaped chocolate box.

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