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Bamboo Fungus  (Soup Yuer Pai Ruam Talay)

       By: Chef Pat  

Recipe Detail :

Bamboo Fungus  (Soup Yuer Pai Ruam Talay) - Seafood bamboo fungus soup, favorite Chinese soup all the time. This soup can cure lots of disease and all of has lots of protein. And we also choose to make them for seafood style for more delicious.

Bamboo Fungus  (Soup Yuer Pai Ruam Talay) - Seafood bamboo fungus soup, favorite Chinese soup all the time. This soup can cure lots of disease and all of has lots of protein. And we also choose to make them for seafood style for more delicious.

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Cooking time :  prepare 10 minutes , cook 15 minutes
For 2-3 person

1. 4 pieces of bamboo fungus
2. 2 squids (medium size)
3. 5 shrimps
4. 5 pieces of sea bass
5. 5 cups of soup
6. 1 Tbsp. of sauce
7. 1-1/2 Tbsp. of soy sauce
8. 1 Tsp. of salt
9. 1 Tsp. of ground pepper
10. 1 coriander root

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1. Wash bamboo fungus and soak them. After that cut them for 2 inch each. Wash squids and take their harder part out. For the last wash the shrimp and peel them.
2. Boil soup with medium heat. Put bamboo fungus into the pot and follow by squids , shrimps and sea bass.
3. Seasoning with soy sauce , sauce , salt and pepper. Keep stirring for a while.
4. Ready to serve.


1. Wash bamboo fungus by softly. Don’t make them cut.
2. Don’t add more salt for this menu. Salt with break all others taste.

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Bamboo Fungus (Soup Yuer Pai Ruam Talay)

Bamboo Fungus (Soup Yuer Pai Ruam Talay) - Seafood bamboo fungus soup, favorite Chinese soup all the time. This soup can cure lots of disease and all of has lots of protein. And we also choose to make them for seafood style for more delicious.

Ingredient of Bamboo Fungus (Soup Yuer Pai Ruam Talay)

1. 4 pieces of bamboo fungus
2. 2 squids (medium size)
3. 5 shrimps
4. 5 pieces of sea bass
5. 5 cups of soup
6. 1 Tbsp. of sauce
7. 1-1/2 Tbsp. of soy sauce
8. 1 Tsp. of salt
9. 1 Tsp. of ground pepper
10. 1 coriander root

How to Cook Bamboo Fungus (Soup Yuer Pai Ruam Talay)

1. Wash bamboo fungus and soak them. After that cut them for 2 inch each. Wash squids and take their harder part out. For the last wash the shrimp and peel them.
2. Boil soup with medium heat. Put bamboo fungus into the pot and follow by squids , shrimps and sea bass.
3. Seasoning with soy sauce , sauce , salt and pepper. Keep stirring for a while.
4. Ready to serve.

Tips Bamboo Fungus (Soup Yuer Pai Ruam Talay)

1. Wash bamboo fungus by softly. Don’t make them cut.
2. Don’t add more salt for this menu. Salt with break all others taste.

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