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Furby Cake

       By: Chef Jadee  

Recipe Detail :

Furby Cake - Today we will make Furby Cake for any kids. We will fill cake inside with chocolate and make it cute for girls too.

Furby Cake - Today we will make Furby Cake for any kids. We will fill cake inside with chocolate and make it cute for girls too.
Cooking time : 1 hour
For 4 Furbies

1. Red syrup cake recipe (optional)
2. 400 ml. of whipping cream
3. 230 grams of chocolate
4. 400 grams of Fondant
5. Food coloring
6. Icing
1. Cut the cake that prepared with circle molder.
2. After that press molder at the center of piece of cake (see in clip) to make the hole at the center.
3. Add whipping cream at the bottom of cake and stack them for layers.
4. After that fill inside the hole with chocolate or brownie.
5. Squeeze cream for close the cake hole (see in clip).
6. Squeeze and spread cream on the cake.
7. Mix whipping cream and food coloring. After that put them into squeeze molder.
8. Decorate cake by cream (see in clip).
9. Make eye , mouth , eye , leg by mixing fondant and food coloring together.
10. Make furby’s leg by mold the dough into oval shape and stick 3 pieces together to form one leg stand.
11. Use fondant for making furby’s eye and cut them for the good shape.
12. Make furby’s mouth (see in clip).
13. Make furby’s eyes (see in clip).
14. After we’ve got all furby’s path. Just make them complete for the whole body.
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รายการที่1-12 จาก 12

Furby Cake

Furby Cake - Today we will make Furby Cake for any kids. We will fill cake inside with chocolate and make it cute for girls too.

Ingredient of Furby Cake

1. Red syrup cake recipe (optional)
2. 400 ml. of whipping cream
3. 230 grams of chocolate
4. 400 grams of Fondant
5. Food coloring
6. Icing

How to Cook Furby Cake

1. Cut the cake that prepared with circle molder.
2. After that press molder at the center of piece of cake (see in clip) to make the hole at the center.
3. Add whipping cream at the bottom of cake and stack them for layers.
4. After that fill inside the hole with chocolate or brownie.
5. Squeeze cream for close the cake hole (see in clip).
6. Squeeze and spread cream on the cake.
7. Mix whipping cream and food coloring. After that put them into squeeze molder.
8. Decorate cake by cream (see in clip).
9. Make eye , mouth , eye , leg by mixing fondant and food coloring together.
10. Make furby’s leg by mold the dough into oval shape and stick 3 pieces together to form one leg stand.
11. Use fondant for making furby’s eye and cut them for the good shape.
12. Make furby’s mouth (see in clip).
13. Make furby’s eyes (see in clip).
14. After we’ve got all furby’s path. Just make them complete for the whole body.
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