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Steamed Egg Cake (Kanom Sa Lee Thai)

       By: Chef Mai  

Recipe Detail :

Steamed Egg Cake (Kanom Sa Lee Thai) - This dessert originate from Suphanburi province. The flavor is not too sweet and it’s very soft. Actually always use only white duck egg. But for this recipe, we use all duck egg.

Steamed Egg Cake (Kanom Sa Lee Thai) - This dessert originate from Suphanburi province. The flavor is not too sweet and it’s very soft. Actually always use only white duck egg. But for this recipe, we use all duck egg.
Time : 50 minutes

1. 300 grams Wheat flour
2. 10 Duck Eggs
3. 400 grams Sugar
4. 1-2 Tsp. Emolsifier
5. Jasmine extract
6. Black, yellow raisin or any glazed fruit
7. Pastry paper
8. Mold

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1. Mix duck egg with food mixer with medium speed, alternate with adding sugar until change to smooth cream. Then add Emolsifier.
2. Sift flour 2 times. Turn to low speed. Add flour and turn off machine. Add jasmine extract and gather together with rubber scraper.
3. Put into a mold, place with pastry paper. Steam in a steaming pot in boiling water for 10-20 minutes (depend on mold size). 
4. Serve by cut into piece. You can serve together with tea or coffee for more delicious. 
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Steamed Egg Cake (Kanom Sa Lee Thai)

Steamed Egg Cake (Kanom Sa Lee Thai) - This dessert originate from Suphanburi province. The flavor is not too sweet and it’s very soft. Actually always use only white duck egg. But for this recipe, we use all duck egg.

Ingredient of Steamed Egg Cake (Kanom Sa Lee Thai)

1. 300 grams Wheat flour
2. 10 Duck Eggs
3. 400 grams Sugar
4. 1-2 Tsp. Emolsifier
5. Jasmine extract
6. Black, yellow raisin or any glazed fruit
7. Pastry paper
8. Mold

How to Cook Steamed Egg Cake (Kanom Sa Lee Thai)

1. Mix duck egg with food mixer with medium speed, alternate with adding sugar until change to smooth cream. Then add Emolsifier.
2. Sift flour 2 times. Turn to low speed. Add flour and turn off machine. Add jasmine extract and gather together with rubber scraper.
3. Put into a mold, place with pastry paper. Steam in a steaming pot in boiling water for 10-20 minutes (depend on mold size).
4. Serve by cut into piece. You can serve together with tea or coffee for more delicious.

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