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Leek Soup (Soup Ton Kra Tium)

       By: Chef Pong  

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Leek Soup (Soup Ton Kra Tium) - Leek or Japanese spring onion. When bring this kind of spring onion to make soup, it’s very tasty. Leek Soup is quick, easy to make and easy to prepare too!

Leek Soup (Soup Ton Kra Tium) - Leek or Japanese spring onion. When bring this kind of spring onion to make soup, it’s very tasty. Leek Soup is quick, easy to make and easy to prepare too!
For 1-2 person
Cooking time : 15 minutes

1. 1-2 Leek
2. 1 Sliced onion
3. 1 Thyme
4. 1 Bay leave
5. 1 Cup Cream
6. 1 Cup Stock
7. 1 Handful Green leave of garlic
8. 1 Tbsp. Butter
1. Heat the pot. Then fry onion until soft together with herb in olive oil. Then put leek to fry until soft and remove herb.
2. Add stock down just a little. Then simmer slowly and blend the mixture. Bring to cook over low heat.
3. Add cream and simmer until dry out. Add butter down at last.
4. Decorate with leek leave (sprinkle). And ready to serve.


When you pour stock, scrape stain of vegetable with stock too. Then you’ll get the natural sweetness of the vegetables.
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รายการที่1-12 จาก 12

Leek Soup (Soup Ton Kra Tium)

Leek Soup (Soup Ton Kra Tium) - Leek or Japanese spring onion. When bring this kind of spring onion to make soup, it’s very tasty. Leek Soup is quick, easy to make and easy to prepare too!

Ingredient of Leek Soup (Soup Ton Kra Tium)

1. 1-2 Leek
2. 1 Sliced onion
3. 1 Thyme
4. 1 Bay leave
5. 1 Cup Cream
6. 1 Cup Stock
7. 1 Handful Green leave of garlic
8. 1 Tbsp. Butter

How to Cook Leek Soup (Soup Ton Kra Tium)

1. Heat the pot. Then fry onion until soft together with herb in olive oil. Then put leek to fry until soft and remove herb.
2. Add stock down just a little. Then simmer slowly and blend the mixture. Bring to cook over low heat.
3. Add cream and simmer until dry out. Add butter down at last.
4. Decorate with leek leave (sprinkle). And ready to serve.

Tips Leek Soup (Soup Ton Kra Tium)

When you pour stock, scrape stain of vegetable with stock too. Then you’ll get the natural sweetness of the vegetables.
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