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XO SAUCE (Chinese Sauce)

       By: Chef Pu  

Recipe Detail :

XO SAUCE (Chinese Sauce)  - This sauce originated from Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong.  This sauce was invented by a Chinese chef. By stir - fry dried ingredients such as fish, shrimp, Mantis shrimp and a dried scallop, shrimp paste and many more. ‘XO sauce’ make in the same way we make Nam - Prik (chili paste).

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XO SAUCE (Chinese Sauce)  - This sauce originated from Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong.  This sauce was invented by a Chinese chef. By stir-fry dried ingredients such as fish, shrimp, Mantis shrimp and a dried scallop, shrimp paste and many more. ‘XO sauce’ make in the same way we make Nam-Prik (chili paste).
Cooking time: 20 hour 

1. 100 grams Japanese scallop
2. 100 grams Dried shrimp
3. 100 grams
4. 100 grams Yunnan Ham
5. 50 grams Goat pepper
6. 100 grams Chopped Garlic
7. 80 grams Chopped Shallot
8. 80 grams Chopped Onion
9. 50 grams Chopped Ginger
10. 2 Tbsp. Oyster sauce
11. 250 grams XO liquor
12. 2 cups Corn oil
13. 2 Tbsp. Sugar

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1. Soak everything until soft in a bowl with a lid. 
2. Simmer and then add fish bone and fish skin down. Simmer until water dry out 20%.
3. Blend fish, Yunnan ham and dried chili and dried shrimp together. And shred Japanese scallop. 
4. Fry garlic, shallot, onion and ginger down. Put the ingredients in step 2 fry together with corn oil (keep adding corn oil and do not let it dry).
5. Add XO liquor and fry until dry out.
6. Season with sugar, Abalone oyster sauce.
7. Simmer water from simmer the fish.
8. Fry until dry out, finish.

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รายการที่1-10 จาก 10
รายการที่1-10 จาก 10

XO SAUCE (Chinese Sauce)

XO SAUCE (Chinese Sauce) - This sauce originated from Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong. This sauce was invented by a Chinese chef. By stir-fry dried ingredients such as fish, shrimp, Mantis shrimp and a dried scallop, shrimp paste and many more. ‘XO sauce’ make in the same way we make Nam-Prik (chili paste).

Ingredient of XO SAUCE (Chinese Sauce)

1. 100 grams Japanese scallop
2. 100 grams Dried shrimp
3. 100 grams
4. 100 grams Yunnan Ham
5. 50 grams Goat pepper
6. 100 grams Chopped Garlic
7. 80 grams Chopped Shallot
8. 80 grams Chopped Onion
9. 50 grams Chopped Ginger
10. 2 Tbsp. Oyster sauce
11. 250 grams XO liquor
12. 2 cups Corn oil
13. 2 Tbsp. Sugar

How to Cook XO SAUCE (Chinese Sauce)

1. Soak everything until soft in a bowl with a lid.
2. Simmer and then add fish bone and fish skin down. Simmer until water dry out 20%.
3. Blend fish, Yunnan ham and dried chili and dried shrimp together. And shred Japanese scallop.
4. Fry garlic, shallot, onion and ginger down. Put the ingredients in step 2 fry together with corn oil (keep adding corn oil and do not let it dry).
5. Add XO liquor and fry until dry out.
6. Season with sugar, Abalone oyster sauce.
7. Simmer water from simmer the fish.
8. Fry until dry out, finish.

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